Superman turns 4 and Wonder Woman’s hair turns gray

Today is my Henry baby’s fourth birthday. Technically he’s not a baby anymore, but until he goes to kindergarten he will still seem like a baby to me, I think.

When he was born everybody told me he would grow up fast, and they were right.

It just seems like yesterday that I was cheering him on when he was learning to roll from his tummy to his back and vice versa. And now he is running so fast, like one of his favorite superheroes, the Flash.

Needless to say, seeing him grow up has been a joy, a bittersweet one at that. It also reminds me of my own mortality — each year he gets older, so do I! The occasional silvery-gray strand popping up through the rest of my dark brown hair also is a reminder.

My husband thinks it’s funny when I find and pluck a gray hair from my head, as he’s been dealing with them since his 20s. But I tell him that men don’t get old, just more distinguished looking.

Perhaps Henry will help us stay younger longer. I should run laps behind him at the playground — doing so would probably get me in great shape.

He recently re-discovered that his Superman costume from last Halloween also had pants attached. He wore it to the Martins Ferry playground two days in a row the other weekend and pretended to fight injustice. One little boy he was playing with kept calling him “Superman boy.”

He had so much fun being Superman at the playground that he declared he was going to wear the outfit to bed so when he woke up the next morning he could wear it all day long. And that’s pretty much what he did.

Some may say this was indulgent of me to let him do so, but I say life is too short not to have fun as a kid. Maybe I should get that Wonder Woman sword I’ve been eyeing at the toy store — and re-live being 4 again. Henry makes it look awful fun.

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