Gremlins take over cellphone

THERE MUST be a gremlin living in my cell phone.

If not, the little gadget has developed a mind of its own!

Whatever the case, my friends and family have had enough … and I have too! It’s been going on for about a month. On various occasions my phone has decided to resend text on a random basis.

Recently, one of my coworkers texted me in a somewhat frightened state wondering if I had some catastrophe going on in my life.

I texted her back saying nothing was wrong but I wondered why she had asked. Her text indicated I had “sent” her some type of cryptic message by phone when, in reality, I hadn’t touched my high tech gadget for hours.

Soon after getting her “notification” I learned that one of my friends, who was with me at the time, had received a similar such text.

“What the heck!” I wondered out loud as I looked at her. “Why is everyone getting messages from me? What does it say?”

She flipped her phone around and there, as plain as day, was a repeat of a text I had sent to her several weeks ago.

“I know you didn’t just send it,” she said. “This is an OLD conversation.”

Yep, it was old and really wasn’t worth repeating.

So, I’ve spent the last few weeks warning most of my contacts that if they are unfortunate enough to receive a “repeat” text from me to just ignore it.

“I’m not really in danger,” I’ve told them. “I’m not any crazier than usual either. It’s just my gremlins playing around inside my cellular device.”

They usual just give me a funny look … one that indicates they know I’m already as crazy as I’m going to get!

The topic came up again as a group of friends and I headed off to Pittsburgh to see the musical “Hair” this past weekend.

We all had several laughs about our gremlins and one girl brought up her cell misadventures including a recent text she handled in a very unique way.

It seems she had been receiving texts on her phone that she knew were not meant for her. She ignored them for a time but then decided to take action one particular day.

(I’m using text lingo here as I?tell this story. Please don’t write to me to correct the spelling and punctuation!)

“Hey! I’ll b @ your place Sat. @ 6,” the text read. “U cool w/that?”

“I think you are texting the wrong number,” she replied.

“Come on. Don’t fool around. U no this is me,” the answer soon showed up on her screen.

“I’m serious,” she texted back. “You don’t know me. I am not the person you are trying to reach! I am someone else. You are sending this to the wrong number.”

“An e way. I’ll be there at 6, OK?” the unknown texter typed in as a reply.

“Listen!” my friend entered as quickly as her little fingers could type. “I’m a 56-year-old married woman with 2 grown sons! I don’t think you want to come visit me on Saturday evening!”

“Sorry,” was the reply.

It was that simple. She had ended the unwanted texting just by fessing up to either being a “mature” woman, married or the mother of two grown children.

If it could be just as easy to stop the unwanted junk mail we would all be better off!

Really, we could save trees if the junk mail stopped arriving each day when the mail man arrives at our doors. We could also save so much time when we would no longer need to spend all that time hitting the delete button in our emails.

Where’s my gremlins when I need them?

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