Holiday dish duty memories

EASTER CAME a little late this year … and I like it that way.

It was such a wonderful site to see all the wee folk at church this year decked out in cute little spring-time outfits. The little ladies were dressed up in their finest Easter dresses while the young men sported colorful “golf” shirts or ties.

One little fellow, Chaz, was really into the whole “dressed up” atmosphere. When his grandmother told his little cousin Ava that her dress was very pretty he informed Grandma that his “dress was pretty too!” That brought several chuckles to his family that will long be a treasured Easter memory.

Now, I must agree that the weather was not that good for outdoor Easter egg hunts. But I’m sure the bunny compensated for that particular part of the celebration by just hiding the colored eggs in doors this year.

There is a warning attached to those who followed suit and hid those eggs indoors.

Several years ago, the weather was similar and the Easter Bunny hid dozens of eggs indoors at the Sedgmer household.

The kids searched high and low, upstairs and downstairs, and everywhere in between yet one egg managed to evade their detection. By the end of the day we all just assumed the dog had ate the troublesome egg.

However, after about three weeks we started to detect this very offensive odor in the living room. We tore cushions from the couch. The living room closet was emptied. We pulled up register covers. Toy boxes were cleared. We even took the drawers out of the end table. Although we put out an all points bulletin on the lost egg we could not find it … but boy could we smell it!

Finally, I was able to “sniff” my way to the offending odor. Someone had hid an egg in my sewing basket.

Needless to say, the egg, basket and all the contents went out the door never to return!

This year my family all gathered in for a noon meal and there was no egg hiding. The little ones had all discovered their eggs at their own homes before arriving for the Easter meal at Pap and Gram Keyser’s home.

We didn’t do anything fancy this year. It was just ham, potato salad, green bean casserole, pickled eggs, beets, a veggie tray and homemade pie for our casual feast. My niece Katie helped my mom and I get things ready. She even entertained us with a few short stories.

When the rest of the clan rolled in we grabbed our plates and filled them to overflowing.

After we all had our fill of the good stuff the grandkids and I headed to the kitchen for cleanup duty!

Hunter, who is five, manned the soap side of the operations while just-turned-four-years-old-the-day-before Maddie Jo and three-year-old Hayden were in charge of rinsing and drying.

I just stood back and managed the entire affair relishing their cooperation for about three minutes because it didn’t take them long to have their first positional battle.

One of the girls said the other was pushing but good old’ Granny Kay soon had that feud under control. The second battle took a little longer to diffuse. The two girls decided they were being cheated and wanted to have their turn washing dishes.

I decided to let Hunter handle this sticky situation.

“We want bubbles,” said Maddie Jo.

“You can’t have bubbles. You are the rinsers. And I have to wash the dishes,” he told them. “It’s my job.”

“We can too wash dishes,” Hayden told her big brother. “We can do it if you move!”

“I can’t move,” he replied. “I’m the washer.”

“You can move, Hunter,” said Maddie Jo. “We want some soap.”

“I can’t move and you can’t have soap,” Hunter answered. “I have to wash because it is the hardest job. It’s too dangerous for you. There might be something sharp in here and you guys aren’t allowed to have sharp things.”

He knew there was nothing sharp in the dish water. I had earlier told him he couldn’t have sharp things and I put them out of reach. But he was smart enough to know that they didn’t know that little secret!

So, Hunter finished the soap end of the chores while the two girls merrily continued with their wash and rinse chores.

This will be one of the memories that I’ll enjoy for years to come … when Hunter managed to out wit the two girls. I don’t think he’ll be able to do that much longer. They will soon catch on to his ways and by next Easter he will be rinsing the dishes!

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