Help is just a phone call away

BRIDGEPORT – A wedding is one of the most looked forward to days in a woman’s life.

The planning portion of the wedding, however, is not.

And unfortunately for brides across the country, you can’t have one without trudging through the other.

Banquet halls, caterers, invitations … it’s enough to send the even the most poised bride spiraling into insanity.

That’s where Whitney Rhodes comes in. She’s hoping you’ll allow her to share some of your burden and simply enjoy your wedding.

Rhodes, of “A Walk to Remember” wedding consulting in Bridgeport can handle everything from the most mundane task to planning an entire wedding.

”With peoples’ busy schedules, it is becoming increasingly harder to dedicate the time needed to plan their walk to remember and that’s where I want to help,” said Rhodes, who has been helping couples with their big day as a certified wedding planner for a little over a year. ”I’m excited to help make their weddings as hassle free, enjoyable and memorable for not only the happy couple, but for everyone in attendance.”

Rhodes has the perfect mixture to make her an ideal wedding planner. First, she loves to help.

But most importantly, she loves weddings.

”I’ve loved weddings ever since I was a little girl,” said Rhodes, who incidentally has yet to plan her own wedding ”I love going to them. I love helping plan them. Everybody makes fun of me and asks ‘how can you be a wedding planner if you’re not married?’

”Well, if you can’t wed, you plan.”

Rhodes operates out of her parents floral shop, Rhodes Florist & Greenhouse on National Road in Bridgeport.

Naturally, floral arrangements is an area of expertise for Whitney and it’s safe to say the prospective couple will get a good deal on flowers.

”It’s the total package. We call it the one stop wedding shop,” she said. ”It was both my dad (Don) and I’s idea that it would work well together.”

Rhodes did state that flowers from Rhodes Florist is not a requirement for her service.

”If the bride recommends or wants someone else, it’s not a problem.”

A lot of Rhodes’ clients seek her services for advice on how to get started, then bring her back on the day of the wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly.

But she has also had clients who have gave a description of what they wanted and let her steer the ship from there.

”I can do everything from booking the receptions halls, picking out invitations and taking care of every little detail,” Rhodes said. ”I can help as little or as much as needed and if they only need me for one day, that’s fine too.”

Her prices vary depend on the amount of assistance offered so it really depends on the couple.

Rhodes is running a special, however.

Any couple who books with Rhodes before May 1 will receive $50 off the wedding weekend package.

For more information or to book your appointment, call Rhodes at (740) 635-0512.