Carryout is back in Martins Ferry

MARTINS FERRY – During the final days under its previous owner, the offerings at the Martins Ferry Carryout left a lot to be desired in both variety and quantity.

Now dubbed the Martins Ferry Carryout and Drive Thru, new owner Jeff Thrash has worked hard to change that.

First off, the easy part, expanding the store’s hours.

The carryout is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m.

But it’s on the inside where the biggest change has taken place.

The store has the usual assortment of fare you’d expect at a drive-thru: chips, soda, candy, chocolate bars and gum. But that’s not all. The offerings are far more extensive.

”It’s like a small convenience store,” Thrash said. Actually, if the store had a meat counter, it could double as a convenience store.

Beer, wine and other spirits are being sold as well as large variety of tobacco products in both cigarette and smokeless form. Prices are set at the state minimum.

But there is one twist that Thrash wants to promote to his tobacco-consuming customers.

Thrash has begun ordering bagged cigarette tobacco from Fresh Choice Tobacco in California. It’s 100 percent pure tobacco with no additives and is available in bags. The quantity includes a little more than two cartons worth of cigarettes as well as the papers needed for rolling … at a much lower cost.

He also has a rolling machine in the store if the customers wish to roll their cigarettes right away.

“We’ll offer a smaller, carton-sized bag, too,” he said. “We can get it in any flavor you’d like.”

That also seems to be a running theme for the carryout under Thrash’s direction.

While he has a large selection of items, he doesn’t have everything.

But if what the customers seeks can’t be found on the shelves, he’s more than happy to order it.

“We’ll take special requests,” said Thrash, who also owns the Sun Video & Tanning in town. ”If we don’t have something you’re looking for, we’ll order it and get it in.”

Thrash said Broughton milk is available for $2.50 per gallon and bread is on sale for $1.49 per loaf.

He’s also going to be selling Yorkville Bakery bread, which will be delivered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are a number of pre-wrapped sandwiches, pizzas and other foods readily available for consumption.

The carryout also offers Ohio Lottery, both instant tickets and daily drawing tickets.

The back of the store also contains a cooler for live bait. It contains worms, grubs, liver, dough balls and other bait for area fishermen.

The Martins Ferry Carryout & Drive Thru is located on South Fourth Street, across from Citizen’s Bank. It can be reached by calling (740) 633-5700.

”Just look for the flashing arrow out front and come on in,” he said.

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