Hopedale Bed & Breakfast to Open In June

HOPEDALE A new bed and breakfast is opening its doors to travelers this summer with the promise of home away from home. Sue Snyder of Hopedale is in the last stages of completing the Village Inn, scheduled to open June 25.

Snyder said the venture is an ambition she had nursed for years as she observed the unused 3,000 square foot 70s-style house.

“I’d driven by here a few times and it was for sale,” he said.

“I’ve always liked to cook and take care of other people,” she said. “I thought the only reason I could justify living in a giant house like this is if I shared it.”

There are four rooms to rent, a dining room, showers and den. The rooms are of varying sizes, including a room for five for the convenience of hunters, visitors to area festivals, and other parties.

The house was erected in 1952 and was added to in the 1970s.

“It’s a very nice house that I started with. What I do is just make it back to livable,” she said.

Renovations included electric work, the installation of part of a roof and copper plumbing, gas and hot water tanks, as well as a geothermal heating system allowing residents to set the temperature of each room to their personal tastes.

She added a gas fireplace in the den and a 100-inch television screen. There is also a television in the dining room. The house is equipped with WiFi for high speed Internet use. There is a library stocked with books, DVDs and games for children.

“I’m trying to have all the comforts of home,” she said, adding that she aims for the creation of a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

The exterior boasts three patios. Snyder is also in the process of installing fountains internally and externally. The surrounding property also has some wildlife visitors.

The work took about a year. This is Snyder’s first venture into the bed and breakfast business.

“I’m no gambler. This is my big gamble,” she said.

Snyder noted that the house should prove an ideal stop for workmen on the job and traveling vacationers, including bicyclers and hikers who use the various trails. She added that there is a wealth of good restaurants and sites in the area for travelers to consider.

“A bed and breakfast is an absolute trend nowadays,” she said, noting that economic worries, travel expenses and turmoil abroad mean many Americans are opting for vacations closer to home. “A lot of people are spending weekends at bed and breakfasts.”

She is grateful for the community for its support and the enthusiasm generated by the project.

“The town really opened up to this,” she said. “I really feel this will be successful.”

In the future, she hopes to expand by installing a tanning salon in the basement as well as an outdoor hot tub and pool, she also hopes to host small banquets and family reunions.

Snyder said she plans to employ a daytime cook for when she is out at work, a lawnkeeper, and a cleaner and housekeeper to help maintain the rooms daily.

The site is located at 184 East Main Street. For more information, call (740) 937-9988.

DeFrank can be reached at rdefrank@timesleaderonline.com.