Muxie’s honored by Anheuser-Busch

BELLAIRE – Muxie Distributing Company has earned yet another honor by being named one of only eight wholesalers to get the “Ambassadors of Excellence” award by Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company for 2010.

There are more than 700 Anheuser-Busch wholesalers nationally.

In January, the company announced it had received numerous awards from Anheuser-Busch for its “Key Performance Indicators,” and earned the number two spot in sales in Ohio and the number one spot in overall market share in Ohio.

Muxie’s learned of its latest award in May and was recognized recently at a national sales conference in Las Vegas.

“The object of the award in Anheuser-Busch’s eyes is to recognized and reward wholesalers who implement key business processes and initiatives to deliver exceptional results,” said Jeff Paolina, president, Muxie Distributing Company.

According to Paolina, there are five “pillars” that wholesalers are measured on management; sales structure; operations; people/human resources; and technology.

“(Anheuser-Busch) has a very thorough scoring process to determine how you did in each of the five categories,” Paolina said. “In order to be eligible, you go through the process with the corporate people and once it was determined we were even eligible, they bring in more people from the national level and did a scoring of the entire business.”

According to Rick Paolina, vice-president, the process of being scored wasn’t don’t lightly. Corporate officials used a stringent process, judging the distributors are things ranging from the strength of sales to even the cleanliness of the bays.

“When the guys from St. Louis and Chicago came in, it was a day long process where they interviewed every employee and verified everything,” Rick Paolina said. “Of the five pillars, for example, one was sales. One part of that is the sales process and from Anheuser-Busch, they set goals that trickled down to our company and our sales management team gives it to the sales manager who gives it to the sales people. Every account that we have, has specific objectives we have to try an accomplish with that account.”

Jeff Paolina said the company wouldn’t have been able to have earned the award without the dedication of the people who work there saying they take a pride and ownership in what they do.

“Out of all the pillars, the number one pillar to me is the human resources, the people,” Paolina said. “It speaks highly of the type of people that we have here working for us and because of their commitment, it enables us to be excellent. And without the people, none of the rest would even matter.”

Earning the Ambassador of Excellence Award has been something Paolina said he’s been hoping to accomplish since he first started working in the management aspect of the family owned and operated business.

“I can remember being a young man in my mid-20s and going to national sales meetings with 10,000 plus people and watching these wholesales being recognized and thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to be recognized for being one of the best in the whole country,” he said. “Over the years as we’ve progressed and expanded, we sit here 20 years later and that dream that I once had has now come full circle. To say that it’s an honor would be an understatement.”

John Weyrick, general manager, Muxie’s Distributing, credited the success on the relationship the employee/owner cooperation and the owner’s open door policy.

“I believe that by winning this award, the owners, the dedication they have shown to the business with their daily involvement in the business, the pride they show in the business, radiates down to the employees and from there, both sides work together, which helped us to get to where we are at. Working together has allowed us to excel and achieve something like this award.”

Jeff Paolina also said the strong partnership the company has with the retailers is also a reason they have been successful.

Still winning the award was a bittersweet time for Paolina and his family. They learned of they won the award around the same time that Bruno “Muxie” Paolina, who founded the company with his wife Virginia in 1952, died. Today it is run by his grandchildren, Jeff Paolina, his brother Rick Paolina and sister Kelly Lipperman.

“He was very proud of what we accomplished here, what his daughter and grandchildren have accomplish with this business,” he said. “But I don’t think he would ever have realized we’d be in a position to receive this award and it would have been nice if he had been around to see it happen. But I’m sure he was watching us from above, cheering us on.”

Along with Anheuser Busch projects, Muxie Distributing also carries other brands, including Miller-Coors and some non-alcoholic beverage. They are one of only eight distributors to represent all the major suppliers.

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