Eclectic Hair Studio now open

MARTINS FERRY – Angie Mamone has accomplished quite a lot in the short time since gaining licensure as a hair stylist and make-up aficionado.

Aside from working her magic at a salon in Martins Ferry, she also doubles as an instructor at nearby Scott Cosmotology School in Wheeling.

And yet, that wasn’t quite enough to sate her appetite for success. It was time to strike out on her own.

”I just recently hit my one-year point with my license and decided it was time to open my own shop,” she said.

So Mamone found a perfect location in town and has been operating the Eclectic Hair Studio since the early part of July.

Much like her rapid ascension from employee to employer, it hasn’t taken long for space in her appointment book to be at a premium.

”We’ve been booked solid,” said Mamone, catching a small break after returning to the salon following an on-site hair and makeup appointment for a bridal party. ”We’ve been busy.”

A quick scan of Eclectic’s menu on its Web site reveals the assortment of services offered inside.

Mamone offers your general colorings, stylings and highlights, along with more formal styling.

But what Mamone feels will set Eclectic apart from the competition will be its make-up studio. It’s not just any mascara or foundation mind you.

What Mamone’s studio offers is airbrushed make-up and hair coloring.

”It’s quicker and it allows us to focus on a more flawless finish, more so than traditional makeup,” Mamone said. ”It’s so easy and neat and you don’t see that anywhere around here.

”There was an old tanning bed in the back and we are going to convert that into a makeup studio.”

The creative options for the both the makeup and hair coloring are endless. And considering the ease of removal, the opportunity is there to experiment without the fear of being stuck with something you aren’t satisfied with.

In sticking with creativity, Eclectic also offers a full line of hair tinsel or bling in multiple colors and styles to incorporate into your overall presentation.

”Before, people were interested in the highlights or lowlights,” Mamone said. ”A lot of people now are more open to different colors.

”With the tinsel, we can put in some color and because it’s not permanent, you’re not actually changing anything.”

Eclectic Hair Studio is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

It can be found online at

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