Kristuck’s Bait & Tackle: Hooked on fishin’

DILLONVALE – One visit to Kristuck’s Bait and Tackle Shop at 42 Public Road in Dillonvale is all it will take to get you hooked on their personalized way of doing business which is built on a foundation of offering highly personalized service to every customer.

The family owned business offers an always expanding inventory in the hope that they can successfully anticipate and readily meet the needs of any angler who has decided today is the day to head out on the water in hopes of coming home with a new fish story – and the catch to back it up.

Store owners Kenny and Jill McVicker decided to open the classic bait and tackle shop after the family came face to face with the economic and employment uncertainty that has plagued countless families nationwide, forcing them to deal head on with its fallout.

In the case of the McVicker family they chose to turn a potentially dire personal situation into a positive they hope will be successful enough that their young sons will be able to look forward to it being a positive part of their lives was frustrated further by health concerns tied to COPD limiting Kenny’s personal ability to continue enjoying his favorite hobby: fishing.

Opening the bait and tackle shop in a small building just a few steps from their home was nothing short of inspirational as far as his customers and his family are concerned as he was fighting serious health issues which were preventing him from enjoying fishing himself because they often prevented him from being able to enjoy the outdoors.

“The shop is air conditioned and just a couple steps from my back door, and I get to stay involved in a sport I love. What could be better?” he said.

Distinctive materials such as old barn siding, a retired dairy trough and a bale hoisting rig all play a part in giving the structure its distinctive appearance.

When the McVickers established the business they made the move on little more than a leap of faith that it was the right thing to do for their family’s short and long term future, and acknowledge it took tapping into a little extra personal courage to move it from idea to reality.

Kristuck’s Bait and Tackle in Dillonvale open its doors in late spring of this year, and they have never looked back – just forward to new possibilities.

“We decided to name the shop after our sons,” shared Kenny McVicker of the decision he and his wife, Jill McVicker reached as they were organizing the business. “After all, maybe someday this will be theirs to run,” offered the avid angler.

Anyone not familiar with Dillonvale can find the bait and tackle shop by following McVicker’s standard directions: “We’re at the corner of Ohio 152 and Ohio 150, just on the other side of the bridge and across from the gas station.”

When it comes to discussions about business hours his approach is straightforward enough to satisfy any angler’s shopping list – and at any time of the day, night week, or weekend.

“We’re open 7, 7, 7,” he offered. “We are here seven days a week, and our business hours are routinely from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. But if those hours don’t work for somebody all they have to do is drive up and honk their horn and one of us will be right out to help them. If we’re home, we’re open for business.”

Taking the idea of great customer service up yet another notch, Kenny is more than willing to go the extra mile to help all customers, but wants those who might find climbing in and out of a car a couple times unusually taxing even before arriving at a favorite fishing hole, curb service is routinely available.

McVicker offers local anglers trade-in opportunities to trade in rigs they are no longer fond of, or simply find they don’t use anymore and in return receive credit they can use toward purchasing something they would prefer to have for their use. These items are usually refurbished and are often sold at low prices for pure recreational purposes for use by kids, or shared with community organizations when they host youth fishing events.

The shop’s bait inventory routinely includes bass, crappie, or shiner minnows, night crawlers, glow in the dark night crawlers, wax worms, meal worms, and maggots, crayfish, beef liver, chicken liver, and more.

His selection of fishing poles covers a wide range from current models to antique: cane poles, steel, Fiberglas, square, and more.

He also has a variety of Pflueger items in the shop, fly rods and even fly-rod cane poles.

His shop’s merchandise even includes heavy-duty turtle hooks needed by anyone going after snapping turtles.

Kristuck’s Bait and Tackle Shop in Dillonvale can be reached by calling 740-769-0169.

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