C.A.?House welcomes Stadler

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – From a young age London Stadler was compelled to learn how things work.

He wanted to know what made clocks tick and how a television produced the image he saw on the screen. What he wanted most, however, was to know every detail about how electric guitars and amplifiers produced the sounds he loved. What he learned over the next four decades now serves him well as the electronics technician at C.A. House Music in St. Clairsville.

“I always enjoyed working with my hands,” Stadler said. “I like to tear things apart to see how they work. In my teens I started learning about transistors, electronic components and basic circuits. I’m really into it. It’s like being an electronics detective.”

C.A. House Music Owner Steve Ceo said he’s pleased to have an “electronics detective” on his staff. He said Stadler can repair amps, power amps, speakers, guitar pickups basically anything that involves music and electronics. Ceo said Stadler’s attention to detail and his decades of experience in the repair of musical electronics places him at the top of his field.

“London was drawn to this type of work from a young age, and you can tell,” Ceo said. “When he is in his work environment he is all business. He’s totally focused on making the amp or speaker come back to life, and there aren’t many he can’t save.”

Stadler doesn’t just repair amplifiers. He also uses them a lot. Stadler is a member of two local bands, The Catch Blues Band and The Muddle. As a guitarist in both groups, he has been known to perform shows with each band on a single night.

“That actually happens,” Stadler said. “The Muddle will play early in the evening on the (Wheeling) Island, and then I’ll play with The Catch Blues Band at 10 p.m. at a bar in Bethlehem.”

Although Stadler is a new member of the C.A. House Staff, he was no stranger to the store’s employees upon his hiring. He said he is pleased to be a member of the Ohio Valley’s finest music store.

“I play music, so I knew a lot of the people here at C.A. House,” Stadler said. “I’ve been very busy. I basically lose touch with everything when I’m working. I love it.”