Fashion Manor carrying Fenton Beads

MARTINS FERRY – Fashion Manor in Martins Ferry has offered the latest in style and dress for years.

Now the shop located at 44 S. 4th St. has added something new to its lineup.

Fashion Manor has begun carrying Fenton Glass Beads.

With its headquarters in Williamstown, W.Va., Fenton Art Glass Co. has been in business for more than 100 years, creating colored art glass.

Fenton’s beautifully crafted glass beads come in 36 different designs and varietys and the fashion accessory connoisseur is sure to find something to suit their taste.

The beads have a solid, sterling silver center embossed with the Fenton USA logo.

Ideally, they are designed with creating visually enticing bracelets and necklaces.

Roughly a quarter-inch in diameter, the beads are handpainted using high-fired enamel paints for durability and design flexability.

Fenton’s artisans work to crystalize the history and beauty of Fenton Art Glass.

Vasa Murrhina Collection

In the 1960s, fenton introduced Vasa Murrhina glass. The term means ‘vessels of gems,’ which includes the sparkling effects of green, blue and gold aventrine with other colors of glass.

Handpainted Collection

Color development, detail and shading are the hallmarks of Fenton’s award-winning decorative art and is captured in each bead.

The finely crushed glass is fired at 1035 degrees, producing a permanent glass surface.

For more information, stop in an see the staff at Fashion Manor or call (740) 633-2538.