Carmike Cinemas unveils the ‘BigD’

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Ohio Valley residents for once won’t have to wait for new technology to eventually make its way into the area.

It’s already here, as movie goers in St. Clairsville discovered Thursday night.

That’s when Carmike Cinemas unveiled its “BigD” theater, one of only 10 in the country.

Corporate officials from Carmike, a leader in digital and 3-D cinema with 235 theaters and 2,215 screens in 36 states, were on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the BigD, along with St. Clairsville mayor Robert Vincenzo and members of the St. Clairsville Area Chamber of Commerce.

A gala premier took place Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Carmike wished to unveil it’s BigD in grand fashion, honoring local police, fire fighters and EMS professionals with a free screening of “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” starring Tom Cruise.

“Mission Impossible” then debuted for the public at 10:30 p.m. inside the BigD.

The first thing movie patrons will notice upon entering the BigD auditorium is the screen. It’s massive. Theater screens are large in general but the BigD boasts a 60-foot wide, nearly three stories tall of wall-to-wall viewing pleasure.

The end result is a light output of 30,000 lumens, creating a picture quality with noticeably higher resolution than HD.

“We’re providing the ultimate entertainment experience that centerpieces large format digital with bigger screens, bigger and better sound and the finest in-theater seating for cutting edge presentation and the definitive enjoyment of our audiences,” said David Passman, Carmike’s President and CEO.

In addition to the sites and sound, the BigD auditorium consists of large, comfortable leather chairs that recline and feature cupholders on either side in order to enhance patrons viewing pleasures.

But why St. Clairsville?

The first BigD was installed at its Columbus, Ga. location in July of 2010

Terrell Mayton, Carmike’s director of marketing, made the trip to St. Clairsville with a few other associates to join in the unveiling.

“We have a large, loyal clientele here,” Mayton said. “Carmike as a whole is primarily located in a medium-sized markets. Some have asked ‘why St. Clairsville?’ I say ‘why not?’

“It’s a great community and I think as word spreads, people will come from farther away in the valley to take in the BigD.”

Mayton said all the new Carmike theaters being built are being outfitted with a BigD theater and eventually, the company will have one BigD in every theater.

“Whether it is a movie, concert, sporting event, motivational speaker or church service, Carmike guests will find BigD placing them at the heart of the event,” Mayton said.

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