Crabapple Moon: Old World Metaphysical Shoppe open

BELLAIRE-Smells of incense and herbs greet those who enter. Pale blue walls soothe the spirit, and morning sunlight falls through the storefront windows. This is a healing place, a new shop at 3285 Belmont St. called Crabapple Moon.

It’s the latest joint venture for Kristin Lee, a spiritual healer and author, and Jim Johnston, local developer and entrepreneur. Lee said Johnston called her to take a look at the space to use as a home base and office for their other venture, a paranormal house at 1699 Belmont St. She liked it immediately, and they decided to lease it and also create a space for Lee’s practice in old world healing and spiritual arts.

Crabapple Moon is named for Lee’s hometown of Crabapple in Belmont County where her grandmother, a fourth generation healer, tutored Lee on how to develop and use her gifts.

“Gram taught me how to grow herbs, make candles, soaps and bath oils, old religion practices, the meaning and development of prophetic dreams and recipes to help people heal and obtain well-being,” she said.

Now shelves showcase herbs, kosher salts, incense, candles and lotions. She’s awaiting more inventory, but also sells New Age-themed books, crystals and jewelry. Lee noted that she carries a selection of St. Michael items for healing and protection.

Lee will be conducting psychic readings, medium readings and past life regressions for clients. Reiki Master Matt Smith will offer Reiki massage, chakra balancing and classes and parties for making candles, perfumes and lotions.

In conjunction with Lee and Johnston’s other enterprise, 1699 Belmont St., Crabapple Moon will be taking reservations and selling tickets for ghost hunts and paranormal investigations. John Hawley will teach classes on conducting investigations and using paranormal research equipment. The equipment is available at the shop for investigations and excursions at 1699 Belmont. He and Lee experienced paranormal activity at the house that escalated to violence while they lived there. Their story and documented investigations are chronicled in a book and DVD both called “1699 Belmont Street: Portal to Hell,” available at Crabapple Moon.

Lee is organizing a different type of event, a peace walk on Belmont St., for Friday, April 6. The public is invited to walk in a congregation of peace and healing and is encouraged to bring one canned food item to participate. Food will be donated to the Salvation Army.

Lee says that in the spirit of Crabapple Moon, the shop will host a weekly meditation night, probably on Thursdays at 7 p.m. The meditation focus will be on positive change and healing.

“There’s a lot of power in positive thinking,” she said.

Crabapple Moon is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and closed on Sunday.

For appointments with Lee or Smith or for information on classes, events and 1699 Belmont, call (740) 671-1600.

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