Fox Run Center names Sally Anne Schneider as new Chief Executive

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Fox Run Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Sally Anne Schneider to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Schneider comes to Fox Run from an executive healthcare management program at Hampton Behavioral Health Center in New Jersey. For the previous ten years she served as Director of Behavioral Health Services at Salina Regional Health Center where she developed a full psychiatric line ranging from acute to outpatient services.

Schneider brings strong administrative and clinical qualifications to the position. She possesses a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Western Washington University and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Kansas State University. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to the integration of physical and mental health and has been an active community member and champion for reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. She brings this continued passion and enthusiasm to Fox Run.

“It is a privilege to be a part of the healing and hope for our children and families in the Ohio Valley Region. Through developing an exceptional staff that provides exceptional care, and in conjunction with our community partners, it is my goal to make Fox Run the premier placement of choice because we are doing the right things right and helping children develop in a structured yet fun world. It is simply all about the children.”

Fox Run has provided residential treatment for children as young as age five and to adolescents with complex mental health issues, including developmental disabilities for over 20 years. Care is provided in a structured and therapeutic environment and is supervised by a multidisciplinary team that encourages children to develop to their truest potential. The facility is located in the beautiful Ohio Valley which offers multiple enrichment opportunities for our residents.

To reach Fox Run Center, or to speak with Sally, please call (800) 245-2131.