Wells Fargo Advisors to host Educational Seminars for Oil & Gas Lease Recipients

WHEELING Local Financial Advisor Heidi Koler, CRPC, has planned an educational investment seminar for residents of the Ohio Valley who have already or are planning to receive oil and gas lease money and royalties.

Koler announced that she is offering these seminars in order to help educate people about the various investment vehicles that they may want to consider when planning for this windfall.

The seminar is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6, and will be held at the Union Local High School dining area in Morristown from 6-7:30 p.m.

In addition to Koler there will be two guest speakers at the seminar. William Knox, certified public accountant based in Barnesville, will present on tax considerations and strategies. Jeffrey Rokisky, attorney based in Weirton, will present on estate planning strategies.

“There are valuable income tax and estate planning tools that can be used to minimize income taxes and provide asset protection for the royalties to be received by landowners,” commented Rokisky. “In many cases these tools are more effective when they are put in place prior to the signing of the oil and gas lease.”

Koler is a chartered retirement planning counselor, which means she specializes in helping people plan for retirement and for people who are already retired, she helps with income distribution. Koler said she wants to host these types of programs so that people can feel educated and informed about key decisions they are making when it comes to investing and planning.

“Many people are not prepared for how this type of a life event affects them from a retirement or long term perspective,” Koler commented. Koler said she feels that these presenters will really help folks understand key options and decisions when planning for lease money from a financial, tax and legal point of view.

The seminar which is free to attend, will also include a full dinner. All interested landowners are welcome to attend, but seating is limited so please reserve your seat by calling 304-232-2550 or 1-800-545-0480 and asking for Nicole Sliva, client associate. If you have any questions or are unable to attend but would like to meet with Koler, you may call to schedule a complimentary consultation.