Veteran men of steel to be honored

STEUBENVILLE – A plaque containing the names of 19 men who worked at the Steubenville plant of Wheeling Steel Corporation, enlisted for World War II and lost their lives at war, has a new home at the Main Library of the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County.

The plaque will sit on library grounds across from the Main Library building on Fourth Street. The site for the plaque overlooks the idle Steubenville plant of RG Steel.

“We are pleased that the library will be the plaques permanent home,” said Library Director Alan Hall.

The plaque contains the names of 19 men who were working at the mill when the war broke out and enlisted. One man listed on the plaque, Roy Moxley Jr. was not a mill worker but his father was employed by the mill: Gilbert Ray Beynon, George J “Gibson” Gabsella Jr, Claude W Hinsley, Richard F Blair, Lewis C “Lew” Shumway, Donald R “Dick” Gaffney, Thomas Roy Moxley Jr, Harry B Robinson, Joseph V “Zabe” Zaboroski, George E Allen, Joe “Moon Enoch, Willard R Stone Jr, Arthur Lee Eddy, Carl Noble, Arvil R “Buss” Sharp, John Joseph “Scotsie” Dorosozyz, George E Tond, Richard Earl “Pete” Hughes, and Frank Sylvester Miller Jr.

The plaque was discovered by Dr. Raymond Boothe who wrote the book Fire on the Water: A New History of the Wheeling Steel Corporation. He discovered the plaque on the grounds of the now idle RG Steel, Steubenville Plant. Dr. Boothe wanted to preserve the plaque for historic purposes. He received assistance from Bud Smith from the Steubenville plant to retrieve it then contacted the library to see if there was an interest in housing it.

Dr. Boothe will sign copies of his book after the dedication inside the library.

Committee members for this project are Dr. Raymond-Lynn Boothe, Bud Smith, Alan Hall, Sandy Day, Joseph “Slugs” Smarrella and Ed Mascio of the Jefferson County Veterans Association.