Ferry’s Just You marks October

MARTINS FERRY – October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In recognition of this event, Just You, located in Martins Ferry, is holding a special open house on Wednesday, Oct. 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Staff will be available to answer questions, and a representative from Colleen Ruby will be on hand for fittings and consultations. Door prizes and refreshments will also be available.

Just You is a medical supply facility geared towards cancer patients, specifically breast cancer patients. Owner Jane Wine, a Registered Nurse and family nurse practitioner, had an idea for the business but wanted to keep it non-surgical. First opened in 1988, the business was originally located in Wheeling but moved to Martins Ferry five years after opening. Wine, who is also an ovarian cancer survivor, stated that Just You was one of the first accredited breast care facilities in the country, and they have had that accreditation for more than 15 years. There are minimum standards and procedures that go into accreditation and Wine said that they, “meet and exceed those.”

Though the building might look small in size, the amount of knowledge the staff possesses, along with a host of high quality products, packs a mighty punch. Some of the available products include wigs, hats, scarves, bras, bathing suits and cover ups, prosthetics and enhancers for mastectomy and lumpectomy patients, drain management camis and compression vests. In addition, Just You also offers special deodorants and cooling gels for radiation patients, a skin care line, oral care for chemo patients and special tank tops for patients with medi-ports. The skin care line was developed with the help of their pharmacy Just Meds, located in the same building, while the oral care products were developed with the input of Just Smiles, located in Elm Grove. Coming soon, Just You will also carry items for maternity and nursing, belly support bands and maternity support hose.

Barb Hilton, staff member and certified mastectomy fitter, emphasized that the wigs they have available are for anyone, not just cancer patients. All wigs are stylish and modern and come in a variety of hair colors. Just You also sells monotop wigs, which are wigs that feature a monofilament-top that looks like a real scalp underneath. Also available are high-definition synthetic wigs, which are considered a top-of-the-line style. While most synthetic wigs cannot be styled with heated tools, these high-definition wigs allow styling with low heat.

Staff member Debbie Weeks, an LPN and certified mastectomy fitter, noted that the bras available are pretty and feminine and that camis they sell can be worn by anyone.

Just You suggests calling ahead for a fitting. A first-time visitor should expect to spend about one hour during her initial consultation, where she will be shown products and answer questions about her lifestyle so the best products can be matched up with her personality. In addition, staff will discuss lymphadema and address the importance of wearing a prosthetic. “It’s not just a cosmetic issue,” said Hilton. “It’s about balance. Research indicates women who don’t wear a prosthetic tend to have back and neck problems because their bodies are off balance.”

The bras and prosthetics are typically covered by insurance, but Wine said they work with those who can’t afford it. Just You has a lending program that accepts donations of used bras and prosthetics to provide to patients who don’t have insurance coverage. “Nobody needs to go without,” Wine stated. “There is always a solution.”

Many of the products available can also help young girls with developmental issues. The lending program comes in handy to provide these girls items to help them get balanced. Wigs for children and mens’ hair pieces are also available.

Wine encourages anyone who is facing a breast cancer diagnosis to call them as soon as possible to set up an appointment.

“You don’t have to wait until after surgery,” she said. By coming prior to any surgical procedures, the knowledgeable staff at Just You can teach them what they should expect and hopefully allow them a shorter adjustment period to the situation.

Just You is located at 1103 S. Zane Highway in Martins Ferry. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The business office is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 633-2944 to schedule an appointment with one of the certified fitters. You can also visit Just You Mastectomy Care on Facebook.