Rock is ready to come to you

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Tony Rock knows a thing or two about fixing things.

An ACE certified mechanic, Rock is the one-time owner of the BP Service Station on Ohio 9 in St. Clairsville.

He’s also a master RV Certified Technician, one of only 2,613 nationwide and one of 973 to achieve master-level status.

For the last few years, Rock honed his craft doing repair work for Stewart’s RV Center in St. Clairsville.

But with the influx of gas well and pipeline workers, Rock began to see an associated business opportunity taking shape.

Hoping to capitalize on the opportunity, Rock decided to set out on his own and recently opened Rock’s RV Mobile Service, LLC.

So far, business has been steady and word is spreading. Rock knows what’s he’s doing.

And if there’s a blanket statement about the pipeline workers that fits … when they find a service that works and they like it … they stick with it.

“Right now, I’m operating primarily on word of mouth, but it’s been great,” Rock said.

Rock is available for contact Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. He’s also available on an emergency basis on the weekends. Just give him a ring at (740) 310-7951 and he’ll come handle whatever issues arises with your RV.

Based in St. Clairsville, Rock explained he has an approximate limit of 35 miles in all directions from his home base.

“I basically run form Cambridge to the Pennsylvania border, down to New Martinsville and up to Weirton, Steubenville and out to Harrison County,” he said.

He keeps a good deal of equipment and parts on his truck. What isn’t available he can get it in within a few days to keep the workers up and running.

His work isn’t limited to the oil and gas workers as he does perform repair work for recreational parks and campgrounds. But as the season for that revenue stream is shutting down, he’s focusing primarily on the pipeliners.

“That’s the key, to keep them happy,” Rock said. “I can make the repairs and make them promptly.

“There are a lot of issues you can fix in a relatively short amount of time but being completely mobile, there are some things you have no choice but to go to a dealership or service station to have repaired.”

One thing Rock’s noticed recently is an increase in the use of heat pumps for the RVs and trailers.

“When the a/c in the RV goes out, more people are opting to spend a little more up front for a heat pump because it saves money in the long run,” Rock said. “It’s more efficient.”

Along with on-the-spot repair work, Rock has been building his list of companies that he’s authorized to do warranty work for.

“I can do about 80 percent of the warranty work and I have paperwork in with all of the manufacturers,” Rock said. “I’ve also spoke with builders of the trailers since there are no dealers in the area, I can perform warranty work for them.”

He explained he has a set base charge plus mileage that naturally increases the further he has to travel. From there, repair work varies depending on diagnosis, time involved and parts needed.

When RV and trailer owners need something fixed now, Rock’s RV Mobile Service is available with the press of a few buttons. He’ll come to you, diagnose and fix the problem quickly