Sonotone: Celebrating 20 years

BRIDGEPORT – At age 24, when most young people are still searching for where they fit in life, Jacki Keenan was running a business. A graduate of Ohio University with a degree in speech and hearing, Keenan found a niche for herself in treating hearing loss, and when the opportunity arose, she opened the Sonotone Hearing Aid Center.

Originally located in Wheeling, Sonotone now finds it home at a convenient location just off I-70 on Howard Street in Bridgeport. Sonotone is celebrating 20 years in business, a feat that Keenan attributes to her customers.

“I’m overwhelmed with the response,” she said. “It really is humbling. We wanted to reward our customers for helping us build our business.

Keenan emphasized that the business is not a clinical type of setting, but is much more of a family-oriented, welcoming atmosphere. “Patients are very comfortable and satisfied,” she noted.

Sonotone offers a wide variety of services and products to help provide individuals the best possible hearing care based on their needs.

The main initiative is to provide treatment of hearing loss through hearing aids. Patients also get an initial hearing assessment for the purpose of fitting hearing aids. “This is not a clinical diagnosis,” Keenan stated.

Sonotone also offers a wide variety of multi-line hearing aid and ear care products including batteries, sanitizers, dehydrators (electric and nonelectric), anti-itch creams, lubricants and more.

Hearing aid enhancement products are offered, as well as products designed to help prevent hearing loss.

At the center of everything, however, is the customer. Sonotone’s goal is to work with each individual to find the best possible hearing solution to fit his or her lifestyle and personal needs.

Customers have their hearing checked, and then work with the professionals at Sonotone to find the hearing instrument that will best meet their needs. Sonotone also provides support, counseling and service and repair of the hearing system.

Sonotone recently celebrated their 20th anniversary with an open house to honor their customers. Keenan stated that working with her customers is an extremely positive, uplifting experience. “It’s very rewarding,” she added. “The relationships we build, we really feel like these customers are family.”

Sonotone is located at 504 Howard Street in Bridgeport. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and evenings and Saturdays by appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, but customers are encouraged to call 740-635-1535 for a hearing test.

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