Carolina Bedding Direct opens location in Ferry

MARTINS FERRY -Martins Ferry welcomed a new business to the area, Carolina Bedding Direct, located in the Fourth Street Plaza in Martins Ferry. The owner, Charlie Brown, just opened its doors. Carolina Bedding Direct is a company that specializes in selling mattresses at a reasonable price compared to retailers.

“I saw a need,” said Brown. “Mattress prices are sky high; (I offer) better mattresses for a lesser price.”

Not only does Brown offer lower prices for better quality mattresses with prices ranging from $150-$1,200, but he also offers a unique shopping experience for his customers.

Instead of being open during normal business hours, he has customers set up an appointment to come and browse the several different types of mattresses he carries.

The types range from basic to the top-of-the-line pillow-top style mattresses, which Brown refers to as his Cadillac line.

To make an appointment with Brown, call (304) 780-9628.

“I don’t want my customers to feel rushed,” said Brown. “My customers are special people.

“When they are in here, the store is theirs.”

One of Brown’s favorite observations about his customers is that when they do come to look and possibly buy a mattress, the customer will sit on the mattress.

“I always ask them if they sleep that way,” said Brown, who encourages all his customers to stretch out on the mattresses.

Brown has even dropped prices so that customers could afford the bed, going as far as to drop the price from $700 to $600, just because he saw how much the customer wanted that mattress.

Carolina Bedding Direct started in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio. It currently has more than 100 Carolina Bedding Direct dealers in the U.S.

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