Gasber’s going strong after 67 years

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Thursday, the owners and staff of Gasber’s Fine Day Restaurant in St. Clairsville invite you to an anniversary celebration.

This isn’t the first such celebration third-generation owners Jerry and Nancy Gasber and their staff have thrown. From the looks of things, it won’t be the last.

Gasber’s is an Ohio Valley institution, standing the test of time at its 46399 National Road West location. It was opened in 1946 when Clyde and Naomi Gasber purchased a former roadhouse/gas station combo known as Palmers.

Clyde and Naomi, Jerry Gasber’s parents, learned the tools of the restaurant trade from Clyde’s parents, Fred and Anna, who owned Gasber’s On the Island in Wheeling.

That was 67 years ago.

And while the businesses and scenery around Gasber’s Fine Day has changed, the restaurant itself has not.

There will be contests and drawings Thursday, along with drink special and special pricing on Gasber’s extensive food menu.

Like the owners, the customers who patronize Gasber’s are a multi-generational collective of customers from all walks of life.

“I’ve seen so many different customers come through these doors,” Jerry Gasber said. “Literally, kids that came in here decades ago are now bringing their grandkids in.

“It’s the same with the staff.”

Gasber’s current staff boasts a wealth of experience. Through the years, Gasber has seen younger employees leave, only to return to the place they once called their occupational home.

The kitchen staff has seen four men go on to become top-level executive chefs in their careers.

It’s that staff, led by Nancy Gasber herself, that churns out savory meals for their customers.

“It’s an eclectic menu,” Jerry Gasber said. “We feature steaks, seafood, ribs, sandwiches and we’re pretty well known for our hamburgers.

“There is also our famous club sandwich. We have dinner specials every night and daily specials.”

The same care taken with the food is also exhibited by the bar staff at Gasber’s.

There are few who can mix a drink like Jerry Gasber. He even used to teach mixology, though known he saves his tricks of the trade for the bartenders working at Gasber’s.

Both Jerry and Nancy are hands on in their particular area of operation within the restaurant. Jerry Gasber believes that’s another key to the success of the restaurant.

“I run the front, more or less, and Nancy takes care of the kitchen,” Gasber said.

The Gasbers ensure everything is running nice and smooth in the relaxed atmosphere that is a hallmark of the restaurant. No customers will feel as if they are being rushed to finish their meal and get out the door to make way for another six-top or table for four.

It’s casual dining at it’s finest. Gasber noted that people don’t just come to eat and drink. They come to relax. They come for the experience. They come to socialize.

The wait and bar staff know the customers’ names and make it a point to be genuinely cordial with all who enter.

Those that enter come from all walks of life.

There are accountants and lawyers, doctors and oil and gas workers, miners, laborers, truck drivers … you name it. All are comfortable calling Gasber’s home. Good food, good service and a quality, relaxing atmosphere keep the customers raving and coming back for more.

Sixty seven years and counting … the longevity speaks for itself.

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