Hank’s Place: Customers keep on coming

POWHATAN POINT – Hank’s Place, located at 378 Hwy 7 N, in Powhatan Point, celebrated its 10 year anniversary under its current owners, Randy and Kathy Cash. The anniversary was celebrated on Friday, March 8 with the band Mongo’s Barn playing and samples of all the menu items for customers to try. They also had 10th anniversary shirts printed.

The Cash’s purchased Hank’s Place 10 years ago after a friend first tipped the couple off that the well-known spot for locals was for sale.

“Randy and I love to drink and eat and hang out with friends in local establishments. We use to think how cool it would be to have a bar where we could order food to go,” said Kathy. “A friend told us Hank’s Place had been shut down for a while and recently came up for sale. Hank’s was well known to the locals. Hank’s not only had a kitchen but also a bar with liquor license and a parking lot. The basics required to run a successful Tavern.”

Hank’s Place has sat at the edge of Powhatan Point since the 1960’s and before that was a gas station. The name stayed since it has always been known as Hank’s Place and possibly the only thing that patrons would call it.

While they have kept the original name, Randy and Kathy have made some major improvements to the establishment, inside and out. One of the first improvements that was made was building a deck on the front of the building, facing Ohio 7. The deck turned out to be more beneficial then either could imagine since the smoking ban followed shortly after that. Along with the deck, frozen drinks and a smoker that will cook 500 pounds of meat has been added.

“The smoker is awesome and really helps get the food out for events. Our menu is not like any other,” said Kathy. “We also sell Online Ohio Lottery games like Keno and Powerball. We’ve updated the kitchen to keep up with the progression of our menu and the visitor increase caused by pipelining and Rt 7 road traffic.”

Hank’s Place hosts a couple poker runs every year, one for Bikers’ for Santa’s Kids, another on Father’s Day and the third Saturday in September. This year, they are planning a steak fry on Mother’s Day. For more about these events go to their website and read up at www.hanksplacepowhatan.com.

One of the unique things about Hank’s Place is the menu that has everything from burgers and fries to alligator, along with several different types of smoked meats and frog legs. In the future, table service will be added. As of right now, patrons have to approach the bar to be served.

“Hank’s Place is people friendly and obviously biker friendly. Everyone is welcome at Hank’s. It’s not unusual for everyone to be in the same conversation,” said Kathy. “During the summer it’s like crossroads. Everyone stops in and hangs out. There’s always someone there you know whether you’re from Martin’s Ferry, Clarington or Beallsville.”

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