Valley Rehab Center now open

BELLAIRE – Valley Rehab Center, a new physical therapy clinic, has opened in Bellaire.

It is located at 3609 Belmont St. in the same space occupied by Ohio Valley Chiropractic. Theresa Palkovic, PT, owner of Valley Rehab Center has teamed with Dr. Jeff Hoepfner to provide a more holistic and cost-effective form of rehabilitation for valley residents.

Often people felt they need to choose either chiropractic or physical therapy interventions when, in reality, a joint approach can actually lead to a quicker, more effective outcome for patients.

Chiropractic intervention focuses on manipulation of the spine to correct areas of immobility or instability causing pain, muscle tension nd sensory dysfunction.

Physical Therapy focuses on correcting muscle imbalances, whether due to decreased strength or decreased flexibility and re-educating the neuromuscular system to restore normal movement and function.

Often, a single discipline can only address a part of the problem which then leads to recurrence of pain and disability. But when the two work together on a more holistic plan the results are better, more rapid and more long term.

Patients can be referred to physical therapy by their primary care physician or they can see Dr. Hoepfner for assessment and referral if physical therapy is indicated.

It is not required that a patient see both, but the two can work together if that benefits the patient.

Palkovic has been a physical therapist for more than 31 years. Her varied experience working with all age groups and in multiple rehabilitation settings has prepared her to take a multi-system approach to treating disability.

She utilizes a sensory integration model which focuses on facilitating multiple body systems to improve function.

“To move properly, to restore function, to reduce pain and to prevent further injury to our bodies, we must have all these systems working together as a fine-tuned machine,” Palkovic said.

Utilizing elements of occupational therapy, Palkovic is more concerned with functional movements and getting her patients back ready to return to the working world, or their daily lives. Strength exercises are aimed at actually movements utilized by the patient in daily life as opposed to general strength-building exercises such as dumbell curls and leg lifts.

Valley Rehab Center’s goal is to provide individualized care, one-on-one intervention and a hands-on approach to help you achieve your rehab goals.

In addition to these services, Valley Rehab Center also offers fall risk assessments. Falls become a greater threat as an individual ages. Palkovic has extensive training in fall prevention and utilizes a sensory integration approach to reduce fall risk.

For more information or to make a referral, call Palkovic at (304) 780-4401.