Where the pros, and joes, go

BRIDGEPORT The six employees at Pro Builder Supply in Bridgeport have a combined 150 years of experience in the business.

That’s not just in customer service. Many of its employees have a background in contracting, construction and remodeling.

What that translates into personal touch delivered by its knowledgeable staff that’s second to none.

“We have more than 150 years experience between the six of us,” said Linda Kotlas at Pro Builder Supply. “And you’re not going to have to push a button and wait 15 minutes for someone to answer the call who may or may not have the answer to your question.

“Everyone here has been in this business a long time and we can help anyone out with any project.”

And when they say anyone, they mean anyone.

There is some confusion in regard to Pro Builders Supply’s targeted customer base.

While the businesses’ motto is “Where you can shop like the pros do,” the average Joe is just as capable and welcome to purchase from Pro Builders’ extensive list of offerings.

“Some people will walk in and say they didn’t know we were here,” Kotlas said. “We sell to the public too we’re not just for contractors.”

Opened in 2004, Pro Builder Supply is located at 52318 National Rd. in Bridgeport and is open from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.

It carries a full line of lumber, hardware, kitchen and bath supplies and and host of other options for both contractors, individual customers and the do-it-yourselfers.

While the buildings’ square footage and on-site inventory may not rival that of some of the big-box outlets, its offerings are just as numerous. And if your needed supply is not on-hand, Pro Builder Supply can get it in quickly.

“We also sell doors,” Kotlas said.

“We do windows, doors, decks and our big thing right now this time of year is the kitchen and bath remodeling.

“We offer a line of granite, quartz, marble and other counter tops.”

While Pro Builders Supply doesn’t do installation, they enough extensive experience in dealing with local contractors that you can be confident you’ll get a good recommendation if asked.

They do, however, design and spec out any job that you’re looking to undertake and will customize any project to your exact needs and specifications