Pine Grove offers affordable living

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Owning your own home is one of the hallmarks of the American dream.

It’s also one of the more expensive decisions individuals or couples can make. It’s a big investment and a lengthy one.

Some people opt to rent, rather than to own a home because, traditionally, it’s been cheaper.

That’s not nearly as true here locally, as the oil and natural gas boom has seen monthly rental fees for apartments and homes increase rapidly.

Mark Benes of Pine Grove Homes Sales and the Pine Grove Community in St. Clairsville believes he has the perfect option.

The Pine Grove Community is a small country setting, three minutes from the Ohio Valley Mall and close to both downtown St. Clairsville and a quick jaunt East on Interstate 70 from Wheeling.

It’s located on Ebbert Rd. S., just past the entrance to Fox Run.

New homes are constructed on these quarter-acre lots and are ideal for both younger couples starting out and wanting to own a home or for older residents, ready to settle down and relax.

Benes explained that a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with approximately 1,200 square feet of space can be had for less than $60,000. More extravagant and expensive models are available and can be built to suit your needs.

Pine Grove residents own their homes but lease the land from the company for less than $300 per month.

In return, residents no longer have to worry about lawn maintenance, snow shoveling and plowing or even garbage pick-up. All of those services are provided by Pine Grove’s staff and included in the lease fee.

“We find a lot of older residents are drawn to it but also a number of younger couples,” Benes said.

“You can purchase a new, affordable home and, for the size, you probably won’t be able to find a place to rent in the same price range in a good neighborhood.”

Benes noted the affordable prices and minimal down payment allow potential customers to own their own home.

Pine Grove is in its fifth year of existence locally and currently has a 44 lot development that is roughly 60 percent full.

For both older customers and those requiring a bit of assistance, Pine Grove can custom build the homes to be as handicapped accessible as need be.

All of the homes are one-story floor plans to start with a crawlspace-style basement. They can be built with or without a garage.

Benes noted that one recent home owner in Pine Grove had a fully handicapped accessible construction completed, including a shower capable of having a wheelchair roll right in.

Similar to a homeowners association in operation, Benes noted there are some guidelines residents must follow. But there are plenty of options for customization, both inside and outside the home.

Each home comes complete with a forced-air furnace and can be outfitted with an air conditioning unit or a multi-purpose heat pump.

Customers pick all the colors, both inside and out of the home as well as the design and style of the cabinetry and counter tops.

For more information, give Benes a call at (740) 699-0226.

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