Schubert’s Car Wash now open

MT. PLEASANT – The car wash on Market Street has sat unused for last five years.

Previously a profitable business, but when the owner passed away, no one took over to run it.

Steve Schubert, owner of Schubert’s Storage in Rayland wanted to expand his business holdings and saw a perfect opportunity in the car wash.

Schubert purchased the facility in Dec. 2012 and has been working tirelessly to get the facility back in working order.

Now, Schubert’s Car Wash is open to serve residents of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area.

“The building hadn’t been in operation in five years,” Schubert said. “The car wash was originally built in 1983 so all the equipment was in need of replacement.”

And replace Schubert did.

He ran new lines in the control room and updated the washing equipment.

He installed new LED lighting at the facility so late-night washing will be easy for anyone unable to get to the facility until after dark.

The vending machines that dispense towels, air fresheners and wipes are also new. Drink vending machines will be installed shortly.

There are three bays open for vehicles to be washed. Two are under the cover of a roof and the third is an open-air bay on the back of the building.

The best part about this bay is there is no height requirement for vehicles entering the third bay. The hose is also positioned higher, allowing the washing or larger trucks and other vehicles.

Schubert knows with the oil and gas play continually expanding in the area, workers and companies are in need of places to wash their vehicles.

Schubert’s Car Was has the space for the bigger vehicles. Plus, Schubert’s aim is to keep the facility as clean as possible. He’s planning to make multiple trips by the wash daily to clean out and mud and other debris that is left behind after customers clean off their vehicles.

“I am going to make sure to keep this facility cleaned and properly maintained,” Schubert said. “People aren’t going to want to come wash their vehicles and have to step through mud.”

As business expands, Schubert said he’s considering an automated bay. But for now, the three manual bays should serve the public nicely.

In addition to the car wash, Schubert is hoping to expand his offerings in the area but didn’t elaborate yet as to what directions he is looking to go.

“This is just the first step in hopefully many as I want to keep developing in this area.”

The wash has the typical settings you’d find: rinse, foam brush, pre-soak, soap, tire and motor cleaner and a clear coat wax.

Schubert said the spot-free rinse setting should be available within the next month.

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