Waco opens for business

BELLAIRE – Waco Oil and Gas, a family oriented and owned business from Glenville, W.?Va., has opened up shop in Bellaire.

Waco Oil and Gas, located at 2358 West 23rd St., has opened up an office complex to provide rented office space for not only the gas and oil industry, but for anyone that is in need of office space. The offices include complete secretarial services, full furnishings, all utilities, free parking, conference room access, a full kitchen and full security system. The business that wish to rent office space will only have to pay one price a month and will also get to pick out its own furniture as well as decide wether or not they want cubicals or an open floor plan. There are eight offices in the complex.

“Waco is a premier dirt mover … They go in and move all dirt and creates roads (for the oil and gas industry),” said Greg Duvall, the facilities manager at the office complex, who is from Belmont County. “The owner of Waco Oil and Gas is Ike Morris, he’s the president, his son, Doug Morris is the vice president. This venture here in Bellaire is really under the umbrella of Doug Morris.”

Duvall met Doug and Ike Morris when Waco was moving dirt on his family farm to get to a well site.

Waco Oil and Gas is currently in the area working for a major gas company, building paths and roads.

The current building, which used to be a sports bar, has been completely renovated and holds eight offices, each ranging in different sizes. It was on one of the trips to this area, that they noticed there was a need for office space for these entities that were coming to the area. These offices are open to any business that would be in need of office space.

“We are now ready to open up our doors and ready to do business,” said Duvall. “We have a few groups showing interest and using our facilities. We are trying to make this as easy as possible for these companies that are coming in.”

Many of these oil and gas companies that are coming into the Ohio Valley are from different states and unfamiliar with the area. In renting an office, these companies have a ready made office, along with a secretary, Verna Marinelli, who knows the area. Marinelli, a Bellaire native, has 28 years of office management experience.

“This office facility is set up to where a business could come in open his or her laptop and be ready to go,” said Duvall. “The internet, telephones and copy and fax are all here, anything they need to do office work … Everything is ready to go.”

Everyone who worked on the renovation as well as all the materials that was used came from within a 20 mile radius of the Waco Oil and Gas Office Complex.

“They own this building, they are not fly by night kind of people,” said Duvall. “In the 70s’ when the gas and oil people were in this area, they were (unreliable), but this Waco Oil and Gas out of Glenville, West Virginia … if they say something, it is the truth.”

Waco Oil and Gas has been in business for more then 50 years.

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