Eat’n Park receives a face lift

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The home of the smiley face cookie will be getting a face lift right here in the Ohio Valley. Eat’n Park’s across region will be home to an upgraded menu adding a tasty variety of foods.

New Ingredients, Homemade Prepared Salads and New Dressings. Guests have often referred to the Salad Bar at Eat’n Park Restaurants as the best in the region for its fresh, local produce; ripe, hand-cut fruit, and homemade soups. Just wait until they taste the new additions!

“Our guests love our Salad Bar in fact, it’s the most popular item on our menu,” says Kevin O’Connell, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Eat’n Park Restaurants. “Now that we’ve expanded our selections with even more focus on freshness and flavor we had to rename it.

It’s no longer simply a Salad Bar; now it’s the Soup, Salad, and Fruit Bar.”

The new additions are featured alongside the abundant fresh-cut fruit, house-made breads and homemade soups that are all long-time favorites. Eat’n Park guests can order the Soup, Salad, and Fruit Bar as an entree for $7.99 or as an addition to their meal for $2.25 (in place of a side).

The new Soup, Salad, and Fruit Bar begins in all Eat’n Park restaurants today. New menu items include new Freshly-Prepared Salads rotated throughout the week. Waldorf Salad (Sunday), Couscous & Black Bean (Monday), Tomato and Cucumber (Tuesday), Grilled Marinated Vegetables (Wednesday), Couscous (Thursday)

Macaroni (Friday), and Potato (Saturday).

New salad ingredients include three types of greens everyday: mixed greens and a rotation of spinach, Romaine and spring mix, Mandarin oranges. Dried cranberries, Pasta, Corn and black bean salsa. Two additional dressings, Citrus Lime Vinaigrette and Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Residents are encouraged to stop in to their nearest Eat ‘N’ Park location to indulge in the many new offerings and grab an infamous Smiley Cookie.