Schubert offering more storage

COLERAIN – Schubert Storage, owned by Steve Schubert, located at St. Route 250 between Colerain and Harrisville, as become the valley’s largest storage facility with 130 units ranging in multiple sizes.

The sizes include 10×10, 10×20, 10×30, and the 12×40. The 12×40 and 18 foot high, which is the king of the storage facility, can accommodate large RVS, boats or complete households.

All units are have concrete floors and are leak proof.

There is 24 hour surveillance cameras and is well-lit.

The newest storage building is 120 ft x 40 ft with 24 units. The 40 foot units are double entrance units.

“These buildings are all built with the best materials from concrete floors to masonry block walls, I also use shingle roofs,” said Schubert.

“I do not build my buildings out of steel due to the fact that steel sweats and can ruin your belongings inside. Even though a steel building would cost half the price to build, I would rather build these units the best way available than run into problems later.”

According to Schubert, what sets him apart from other storage facilities in the valley is location, cleanliness and continuous updates.

Schubert first opened the storage facility in 2002 as a business for extra income and it continues to expand. The newest additions were designed by Schubert himself. New buildings have been built on a regular basis nearly every two years. Since its opening, there have been estimated over 1000 clients.

Schubert runs the facility on his own. If Schubert is out of his town, his father, Jim, takes care of the business.

“I plan to over 200 units in the future and a new building erected in Mt. Pleasant,” said Schubert.

For more information, Schubert can be reached at (740) 769-7720 or (740) 391-9531.

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