Mialisia Jewelry available locally

MARTINS FERRY – Mialisia Jewelry, a Utah-based company that launched in October, has been growing rapidly in popularity and now has a foothold in the Ohio Valley. Mialisia was started by Annelise Brown, an Iowa woman who felt that she could never find jewelry that fit her properly. She decided to create her own jewelry, and now has a patent pending for her design. Mialisia Jewelry features VersaStyle hooks instead of clasps that allow the wearer to use the jewelry in different ways. One piece could be used as a necklace, bracelet, headband, anklet, etc.

Brown began selling her jewelry at craft shows and it became so popular that she had to hire employees to help her make it. Brown considered trying to sell her product in retail, but realized salespeople might not be willing to display and explain her jewelry’s unique design. Brown’s husband Sean coincidentally met a direct-selling investor at a wedding, who invited the couple to meet with his co-investors in Utah. From there, a company was born, with Annelise as CEO/founder and Sean as president.

“We had been creating this unique jewelry for three years that was sold strictly on a regional level. We’ve built an infrastructure, protected our intellectual property, hired seasoned veterans and laid a solid blueprint for immediate and sustained future growth,” Sean said in a press release. “Our concept, completely new and unique to the jewelry world, is taking the industry by storm.”

Mialisia is currently in what the company is calling “launch phase,” and has plans to expand to Canada and eventually other nations worldwide. Starter kits for sellers were sent out in July of last year, and since then over a million dollars’ worth of jewelry has been sold.

One such seller, or designer as the company dubs them, is Sherry Stratton of Martins Ferry. Stratton had previously worked in the direct-selling industry with a home decor company, but had to give it up due to health issues. However, she heard about Mialisia and decided it would be a good opportunity to use her skill set without carrying heavy homewares. She was also impressed by the product.

“It’s a whole new concept in jewelry. We’re priding ourselves on changing the way women wear jewelry,” Stratton said.

Stratton estimates that 90 percent of the jewlery in Mialisia’s catalogue is priced from $20 to $50.

“It’s very affordable, but quality,” she said. All the jewelry holds a lifetime limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Stratton believes she is the only Mialisia pro designer between Columbus and Pittsburgh, but she is happy to help anyone who wants to get started or host a Mialisia Jewelry event. The jewelry is sold at parties hosted by “fasionistas,” who work with designers to organize their events. Designers also book trade shows to sell Mialisia.

Stratton will be hosting an open-door event at Black Sheep Vineyard, located at 1454 U.S. 250 in Harrisville, on Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 7 p.m.

Anyone is welcome to the wine and cheese event and can RSVP by calling Stratton at (740) 633-2044 or emailing her at slstrat@comcast.net. For more information on Mialisia Jewelry and more photos, visit www.hookedonmiajewels.com.

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