Home Video Studio: Still growing

BELMONT – Video editing can be a time consuming procedure for one to undertake, especially without the proper training and software. Home Video Studio in Belmont, however, is well equipped in both of these areas.

Home Video Studio is a franchise business with approximately 70 locations, including divisions in Canada and Sweden. The Belmont studio, which has been open since 2011, is operated by Mike Wallace.

Wallace has won several awards for his work at HVS in Belmont. He explained that every year, Home Video Studio holds a conference which provides professional training to its employees. The training is provided by video editing experts, including some from Hollywood, and teaches a variety of modern editing and formatting techniques. In addition to the training aspect of the conference, those attending are welcome to submit projects they have done in a variety of categories to be judged. At the 2012 conference, Wallace earned the top spot in six award categories.

“Business has been good,” Wallace said, explaining that he has just hired a part-time employee to help out with the various projects that his studio undertakes. “I’ve been in business for three years – going into my fourth year – and every year I’ve steadily grown the business.”

Home Video Studio currently offers over 20 different services to its customers, including editing, production, prints, duplication, restoration and conversion. HVS is able to take hours of footage – whether filmed on VHS, SVHS, HVS-C, 8MM, HI 8MM, DV, MINI DV or other formats – and convert them into crisp, quality digital media.

Wallace stated that he did a project in the past which consisted of between 6,000 and 7,000 old photographs which were delivered to him in bulky plastic totes. When the project was completed, Wallace was able to give the customer one DVD which contained high-quality digital images of the thousands of pictures. “So now, if something were to ever happen – a fire or a flood or whatnot – she’s got multiple copies in different locations. She can get (photo) prints from that.”

In projects such as this, HVS provides its customers with a way of backing up their memories in a format that can save a lot of space and is easily replicable should anything happen to the original photos or videos.

In addition, HVS also does a lot of work with picture montages and slideshows. The pictures a customer provides can be printed or digital format, and HVS will convert them into a single disc of high quality images, audio and graphics, of which customers can get multiple copies.

“We’re offering 20% off right now for the whole month of April,” Wallace explained of the photo montages, also known as photo keepsakes. Wallace stated that these are great for many types of events, such as graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and memorials. The finalized digital copy is set up on a loop so that it will repeat the montage when played in a DVD player.

Wallace also stated that HVS does production work as well. He has filmed footage for graduations, dance recitals, weddings and sporting events. He has even compiled sports highlight videos for local athletes seeking scholarships for college, one of which won Wallace the 2013 Hanley award for Best Sports Highlight Video. Of course, HVS will also accept home footage for projects such as these.

From now until the end of the summer will be a busy time for HVS in Belmont, not only because of graduation projects and the like, but the company is also in the development stages of a new service to provide to its customers in all of its locations.

“We’re working on DVA, which stands for digital video archive,” Wallace explained. Essentially, this will enable all HVS projects to be stored on a cloud server, allowing customers to access them from anywhere with an internet connection and link them to social media sites such as Facebook. Wallace stated that the DVA could even be equipped with basic editing software, which would allows users to perform small-scale editing on their own.

“They’re still in the design phase. It’s just getting ready to go into beta testing,” Wallace explained, stating that about half a dozen studios are participating in the beta test. “As soon as that’s completed, they’ll roll it out. I assume it will be this summer sometime.”

Home Video Studio is located at the Bel-Morr plaza, 66440 Belmont Morristown Rd. (State Route 149). It is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. and by appointment for all other times. For a complete list of services, please visit their website at www.homevideostudio.com/bel or call (740) 782-1910.

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