Gulfport holds grand ribbon cutting ceremony

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – While officially opening their new Saint Clairsville office in Belmont County, today, Gulfport Energy announced the creation of the Gulfport Energy Fund at the Foundation of Appalachian Ohio. Established to support the Ohio communities in which Gulfport Energy is working, the Gulfport Energy Fund will provide funding for projects to enrich quality of life in Ohio counties where Gulfport is active, including Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, and Monroe counties.

“Through Gulfport’s work in Appalachian Ohio, we have come to know our communities here and to feel a part of them,” said Mike Moore, CEO and President of Gulfport Energy. “We see the challenges facing these counties and want to support their efforts to create opportunities for their citizens. We at Gulfport Energy believe philanthropy is an essential part of growing stronger communities where we work.”

The Gulfport Energy Fund will award grants through a competitive application. Applications will be accepted from tax-exempt organizations serving Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison and Monroe counties, who are working to create opportunities or address a community need. The Fund will put particular emphasis on projects that serve the entire county, will be sustainable at the end of the project period, use partnerships to increase support, and address needs that would otherwise go unmet.

“The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio is so pleased to help Gulfport Energy create a legacy of philanthropy here in Ohio,” said Cara Dingus Brook, president and CEO of the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio. “Gulfport’s leadership shows how the energy industry can look ahead to a community’s needs and opportunities, both those today and those long after an energy boom.”

Moore will be visiting Harrison and Guernsey counties during his trip to Ohio as well to meet with the advisory committees of the Harrison County Community Foundation and the Guernsey Community Foundation, both managed and supported by the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio. Moore will use these meetings to share the news of the Gulfport Energy Fund and to begin discussions with these communities around meetings to better understand the needs the Gulfport Energy FUnd can help address in these areas.

More information on the Fund and the grant application process can be found on the Gulfport Energy Fund webpage on the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio’s website,