Custom home builder sets up shop in Belmont

BELMONT – Recently, Wayne Homes held a grand opening at the model home center located at 66962 Belmont-Morristown Road. The custom home builder, which has been in business for 41 years, moved into Belmont a little over one year ago.

“We’ve been working out of a sales trailer, and we just finished the model,” said Mauree Jones, Vice President of Marketing.

“We probably had over 100 families in the area come see us over that weekend. It was very successful, and we got a lot of positive comments. People really liked it.”

Jones explained that Wayne Homes decided to move into the Belmont County area due to a high demand. There are eight other model home sales centers throughout Ohio, and the staff at Wayne Homes noticed more and more people from the Belmont County area driving long distances to learn more about custom home building.

“They just kept coming, so we thought we better get down there,” said Jones. “Just seeing all the traffic that we were getting, we thought it would be a great idea to build a model and it has been. We’ve been really busy. It’s one of our busiest locations.”

The model home displayed in Belmont is a Covington, a 2,841 square foot home featuring three bedrooms. The sales center features a fully outfitted design center in the basement, where customers can view carpeting, flooring, cabinet and other design options. Wayne Homes now employs 10-12 people at the Belmont model center, with sales consultants, a construction team and field managers. The sales team is led by manager Alana Hendershot, and Toni Moreland and Hannah Carpenter serve as new home consultants.

Wayne Homes features 40 floor plans. However, Jones explained that each home can be customized from the base look.

“It’s basically just a starting point, and then we make changes to those plans based on what people want,” she said. “We’ll even look at someone else’s plans if they want.”

However, Jones went on to explain that using a Wayne Homes base model is usually more cost-effective.

Wayne Homes has won the National Quality Housing Award twice, once in 2010 and once in 2013. They’ve just finished a new model home in Portage County, a Winchester, which features four bedrooms and 3,135 square footage. Outside of Ohio, Wayne builds homes in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, and West Virginia.

“We’re busy updating models and adding new models,” said Jones. “Ever since the housing recession broke, we’ve been really busy.”

To learn more, call the Belmont model center at 1-866-996-3860 or visit

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