Momma Bea’s Carryout now open

BETHESDA – Owning a business is a dream come true for Beatrice and Joe Brown. In May, the couple purchased the convenience store located at 226 Maple Avenue (State Route 174) in Bethesda. They then spent over two months renovating and cleaning the interior. Under a new name, the business opened officially last Saturday, July 12. It is now known as Momma Bea’s Carryout.

“We have always wanted to do something like this,” said Bea Brown. “We went for it, and we hope to do a lot with it.”

The Browns, who have lived in Bethesda for over 20 years, wanted a soft opening so that any problems could be sorted out with less fuss. However, a grand opening will be planned eventually.

Brown said the response so far has been “phenomenal.”

“Everybody loves the place,” she offered. “They’re so happy to have their store back.”

The carryout is more of a small grocery store.

“I like to carry a little bit of everything,” Brown said.

Momma Bea’s carries a variety of snacks, cigarettes and drinks. Some frozen foods and fresh vegetables can also be found. In the back of the store, patrons can buy hand-dipped ice cream served by the scoop, or stop by the deli for sliced meat and cheese or a sandwich served hot or cold. Momma Bea’s also offers daily breakfast and lunch specials, some of them German foods made from Brown’s own recipe book.

For the future, Brown hopes to acquire even more inventory. She is willing to try to get customers’ favorite items in if they’re not already in the store. Additionally, the new coffee counter will be expanded with a cappuccino machine.

Momma Bea’s may also carry beer in the future. However, that is an issue that will have to be decided on the ballot by Bethesda residents.

“We hope that’s going to come through,” Brown said.

Brown also offered gratitude to all the customers who have shown patience and support while the business was being remodeled.

Hours for Momma Bea’s are Monday through Saturday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. To learn more, go to or call (740) 761-0068.

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