Wholesale Electronics off to great start

BELLAIRE – Wholesale Electronics just passed over 20,000 pounds of goods, which is a great start for only being open a little over a month.

“We’re rocking,” said owner Dan Brown. “We’re doing very well. I’ve got ten full-time clients (and) two temporary clients. We do a pick-up service for people that has been working out really well. I’ve been doing all kinds of pick-ups and drop-offs.”

The goal of Wholesale Electronics is to keep old electronic equipment as far away from landfills as possible. With all the new advancements in recent technologies, many old gadgets are left in the dust and simply thrown away. Brown’s business, however, serves as a gathering center for this out-dated equipment so that it can be recycled or, at the very least, disposed of properly.

“We’re not a recycling center. We’re what they call a ‘gathering center’,” Brown said. “We gather up the material and then deal with a full-fledged recycling center.” Brown explained that he has been working with a recycling center out of Cleveland to handle the used electronic goods he has amassed.

“This isn’t a pretty business,” Brown said. “But the results of not doing what I do are even worse. All it takes is for one computer to get into a landfill and when that board starts to degrade, it will freak out the water supply big time. The mercury and the other stuff in the boards is just nasty. It’s contained when it’s in this form, but once you start dumping that into the landfills, it becomes a toxic mess very, very quickly.”

Currently, Wholesale Electronics accepts computers and their various components (internal and external), cell phones, telephone equipment, fax machines, printers, copiers, toner and inkjet cartridges, wires and cables, gaming consoles, laptops, cameras and camcorders, internet devices, mp3 players, and VCRs and DVD players. The business is currently unable to accept televisions, but that is something Brown is working towards accommodating as well.

In addition to keeping these old technologies out of the landfill and thereby promoting a healthier environment, Brown’s business also gives local innovators – or “tinkerers”, as he calls them – a place to go for parts.

“I do a lot of re-use and resale. I’m basically like a small version of Radio Shack for local tinkerers,” Brown said. He explained that Wholesale Electronics does not charge for small components – transistors, diodes, etc. If there are any parts he has that someone can make use of, they are welcome to it. “I have a couple people that come in here almost daily to pick up tinker stuff. That’s the fun part of it.”

Wholesale Electronics’ drop-off location is located at 2101 Belmont St. in Bellaire (the old Bardwil’s building). Brown is also organizing another facility as a warehouse at 3640 Eoff St. in Wheeling, which should be open sometime in July and will also serve as a second drop-off location. Additionally, he plans to get a breakdown facility up and running as well. With as rapidly as his business is growing, Brown is also looking to hire a few part-time employees.

For more information, or to schedule a pick-up, please contact Wholesale Electronics at (740) 579-1022.

Scott can be reached at jscott@timesleaderonline.com.