Chapman welcomes new dentist to staff

WHEELING – Dr. Don Chapman of Chapman Family Dentistry is proud to welcome a new addition to his staff in Natalie Nelson, D.D.S.

Nelson graduated from the WVU School of Dentistry in May of 2014, and she has been employed at Chapman Family Dentistry since June. As a graduate of Linsly High School in 2006, Nelson is happy to be back at home and serving her local community.

“I’ve always wanted to come back to Wheeling,” Nelson said. “I enjoyed growing up in a small-town community, and that’s one of the main reasons I came back.”

Nelson explained that her desire to pursue dentistry is an old desire. “My mom’s friend is a dentist,” she said, “so I was never afraid to go to the dentist or anything. I shadowed her a lot in high school. I always wanted to spend a lot of time there. I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was about 12.”

As part of her program at WVU, Nelson was required to complete a six-week rotation at a dentist’s office, which she completed with Dr. Chapman, who is also a WVU graduate. She stated that the internship experience gave her a foot in the door at Chapman’s office and really solidified her decision to return to Wheeling. Knowing the staff at Chapman Family Dentistry before beginning her new job made the transistion from college to the workforce quite smooth.

“I enjoy coming to work every day,” Nelson said. “I enjoy working with the staff and Dr. Chapman and getting to know my patients.”

“She’s a very dedicated worker. She takes her job seriously,” Dr. Chapman said. “She’s very committed to taking care of her patients. I was really happy she chose to return here after her internship.”

Although Nelson has earned her doctorate in dental surgery, she is still learning different methods as practiced by Dr. Chapman. “It’s nice with dentistry,” she said. “There are always new ways of doing things. I’ve gotten to learn a lot since coming here. (Dr. Chapman) has some updated technology from what I was used to at school.” Nelson was speaking of a root canal system used at Dr. Chapman’s office which is faster and more efficient than what she was taught at WVU.

Updated technology has not been the only adjustment for Nelson, however. Dr. Chapman’s office provides various dental services to a variety of patients, including those with special needs. Nelson says she has learned a lot since she has been employed there and that she has encountered a few situations that she had never encountered in college.

“I think it’s a nice combination here. We see a lot of children and adults. It’s a nice mix of both,” Nelson said. “You see so many more things, especially with the children.”

Chapman Family Dentistry focuses on the overall oral health of its patients, and it is the only local practice that offers both in-office and hospital sedation options. By accepting a variety of insurances and providing several methods of payment, Chapman Family Dentistry is able to cater to nearly anyone’s budget, regardless of what kind of work the patient needs.

Chapman Family Dentistry is located at 2100 Market St., Suite 201, in Wheeling. For more information, please call (304) 232-6956.

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