Devil Dog Tattoos: Fun for the whole family

WOODSFIELD – Devil Dog Tattoos will be celebrating its one year anniversary in November. If you’re in the market for some new ink, it is definitely a place to keep in mind.

Open since Nov. 2 of 2013, one of the most unique things about Devil Dog Tattoos is the atmosphere. It is designed to be a family-friendly tattoo studio.

“We don’t want this shop to be your standard adults-only shop,” said owner Dave McMillen. “We try to keep it fun for everybody so that everyone enjoys it.”

“We try really hard to make our shop stand out. It’s very family-oriented,” said tattooer Tony Price. “Most shops refuse to let children in. We welcome children in. We’ve got art stations set up to help spark their creativity; we’ve got games set up for them to play; we have temporary tattoos for them. We bring our families in here, and we want (our customers’) families to have just as good of a time as ours.”

McMillan explained that there have been several occasions where someone has come into the shop to get ink, and rather than having to find a babysitter for their children, the kids can come to the studio and play video games or draw while their parents are getting tattooed.

Everyone knows that tattoos can be pretty pricey, especially for larger pieces. Devil Dog Tattoos, however, makes a big effort to negotiate price with its customers, even going as far as setting up payment plans for larger pieces.

Another thing quite unique about Devil Dog Tattoos is that the shop operates on a walk-in basis. If you wake up one day and decide to get that tattoo that you’ve been wanting for six months, you can satisfy your whim.

“Our biggest thing here is that we don’t do any appointments,” McMillan said. “Every other shop in the area, you have to make an appointment. We are strictly a 100-percent walk-in shop.”

In the same building as Devil Dog Tattoos is McMillan’s other business – Cully’s Custom Graphics. With over 12,000 graphics and 700 fonts, McMillan is capable of printing virtually anything on stickers, clothing, decals, etc.

“I’ve been running Cully’s Custom Graphics for about four years now. I literally built it on wrestling tournaments,” McMillan said.

He explained that he bought used equipment, a computer program and a roll of vinyl to make stickers for the Woodsfield wrestling team when his son wrestled pee-wee.

“I made up some (stickers), went to the wrestling tournament with them and sold out in 20 minutes,” he said. “I built the company based on that. It just kind of grew on its own.”

Both McMillan and Price are very active in the community as well. McMillian is currently the Woodsfield high school soccer coach, and both are former veterans who understand the importance of having a community-oriented business.

Devil Dog Tattoos, located at 869 Eastern Ave. in Woodsfield, will feature specials throughout the month of November to celebrate their one year anniversary. Veterans and first responders get year-round discounts as well. For more information, please call (740) 472-4772.

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