Muxie celebrates six months with New Belgium

BELLAIRE – Muxie Distributing is celebrating six months of partnership with New Belgium Brewing Company – a partnership that will continue to grow and strengthen in the coming years.

New Belgium Brewing Company, based out of Fort Collins, CO, is the third largest craft brewer in the country, and its products are available in 17 states. Having been available in Ohio for only about six months, the New Belgium craft beers are quite new to the area. Nevertheless, people are starting to take notice.

Muxie Distributing had a soft launch of the New Belgium brews with 22 oz. “bombers” in December of 2013 in Belmont and Monroe counties, and at the beginning of 2014, Muxie had a full launch of the brand. New Belgium brews such as Fat Tire Amber Ale, Ranger IPA, Tripple, and Shift Pale Lager are now readily available in addition to a variety of the company’s seasonal brews as well.

Craft beers are quickly gaining popularity across the nation. While light beers (-3.8 percent) and premium beers (-1.3 percent) showed negative growth in 2013, craft beers have sky-rocketed. Last year, craft beer volume was up 18.2 percent. Craft beer has a 7.8 percent market share across the U.S. and currently has a 1.2 percent market share in the local market area.

While all the rage with craft beers is, for the most part, centered in larger cities, the craze is beginning to spread throughout the nation. Muxie is excited to be one of the forerunning distributors as the trend starts to take hold in the Ohio Valley.

After an approval process that took about a year, Muxie was approved to carry the New Belgium brand of craft beers, but no one expected the products to sell so quickly. In fact, Muxie has already met its yearly distribution goal after only about six months of being able to sell the craft brews.

“The New Belgium brands fill a niche for us in the ever-growing craft segment,” said Muxie CEO Jeff Paolina. “We are excited to have the brands in our house. The craft boom is just starting to hit this area, and for us to hit our yearly goal in only six months is amazing.”

Recently, Muxie Distributing Company hosted the local Home Brewer Association’s Big Brew event at the Irish Youth Sports Complex in Bellaire. The event enabled people to come watch local home brewers make their own beer. Samples of the local beers were made available to individuals as well as some of the new craft beers being distributed by Muxie, including New Belgium’s Fat Tire Amber Ale and the seasonal Summer Helles.

“We hope to have more events like this in the future so that people can have the opportunity to sample and learn about beers that are new to the area,” Paolina said.

Other brands of craft beer distributed by Muxie include Cutters, Summit, Leinenkugel, Red Hook, Blue Moon, O’Fallon, Goose Island and Shock Top.

Muxie Distributing Company, located at 5120 Guernsey Street in Bellaire, will continue to sell the New Belgium brand for the foreseeable future. For more information about where to find New Belgium craft beers or other craft beer varieties at a location nearest to you, please visit the Muxie Distributing Facebook page at

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