New hotel being built at mall

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The Ohio Valley Mall will soon be home to a new Residence Inn Hotel, negotiations for which have been in progress for about a year. Construction on the building is slated to begin sometime this month, and it is expected to be completed sometime in the summer of 2015.

The hotel will be four stories and have approximately 90 to 100 rooms, all of which will be suites.

“That’s typical of a Residence Inn,” said Joe Bell, director of corporate communications for Cafaro, the parent company of the Ohio Valley Mall. “They pride themselves on offering a sort of home-away-from-home appeal.”

Based on the location of the hotel and its close proximity to the Ohio Valley Mall, Bell said, there will be a good deal of casual travelers booking rooms regularly. However, the main customer-base for the new hotel will most likely be workers in the oil and gas industry.

“There’s been an awful lot and will continue to be a lot of need for hotel rooms for the oil and gas industry,” Bell said, explaining that at the rate gas wells are being developed, the area is starting to get an influx of laborers in addition to sales and engineering personnel. Bell stated that there has also been an increase in peripheral industries as well. “I don’t want to call them spin-offs,” he said, “but ripple-effect industries. We’re really excited about the combination of the two.”

With the influx of oil and gas workers in the area, hotels have become quite a booming business. Thus, these workers should appreciate a hotel which caters to people who have to stay there for extended periods of time.

“People who stay in (Residence Inns) for a long period of time find them much more comfortable than a standard hotel room,” Bell said. “Each of the suites have a full kitchen and living area. They have one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites. No matter what size, there’s always a full kitchen, dining area and living area, and there’s usually some kind of business desk and plenty of connectivity for all of your devices.”

Residence Inn hotels also typically offer evening social hours, complimentary beverages, fitness facilities and swimming pools.

The new Residence Inn will be located directly west of the existing developed parcel which holds the mall. It will be just south of the new roadway that is being built, Bell said. Additionally, a Candlewood Suites, which broke ground on July 1, is also being developed in front of the mall. It will be a five-story hotel, and like the Residence Inn, it will contain all suites. Both projects should be finished in the summer of 2015.

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