Whitco Supply moves into Barnesville

BARNESVILLE – The gas and oil industry has brought a slew of complementary businesses to the Ohio Valley, one of which is Whitco Supply, LLC. The warehouse is located at 37245 Barnesville-Bethesda Road.

According to Branch Manager Beau Guillory, Whitco was started in 2003 by a collective group of people who understand the industry. Their primary function is to distribute pipe, valves and fittings.

“We’re here to facilitate the energy industry,” said Guillory, explaining that clients, such as operators Chesapeake Energy and Consol Energy, asked them to move into the area.

Whitco’s main office is in Lousiana, where Guillory and his wife, Lisa, are originally from. Barnesville is the business’s seventh location.

The warehouse in Barnesville has been in operation for about two and a half months, and continues to grow. They’re still hiring, with a projected employment of 25 people.

All employees except for the Guillorys are locals.

“We try to hire as many local people as we can,” Guillory said. “The company will usually send one person up who knows about the operation and how it needs to run, and we grow it from there.”

Guillory estimates that 90 percent of Whitco’s business is based around deliveries, but companies occasionally come to the warehouse.

“We’re a very service-oriented business,” Guillory said. “We respond to need.”

While Whitco caters strictly to the gas and oil industry, Guillory said that individuals have stopped by out of curiosity, and they’re welcome to look around.

Whitco is here to stay, and the company may even be developing another location farther north as pipelines continue to develop across the nation.

“We’re not going anywhere,” said Guillory. “We’re hoping this stays around for quite a long time. I love the area, so I’m really excited about it.”

Employees Adam Moore and Steve Snyder shared that excitement. Moore said it was “awesome” to be working for Whitco.

“It’s a great workplace environment,” Snyder added.

Call (740) 619-0021 or go to www.whitcosupply.com to learn more.

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