Aggregate business opens in Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT — Belmont Aggregates has opened a new, more centralized headquarters, moving from its Powhatan Point location to Bridgeport. Increased activity has necessitated growth and relocation of the local aggregate business.

The trucking company specializes in hauling aggregate materials such as limestone, gravel, sand and cinders for ice control in the winter. Another division specializes in hauling equipment, materials and pipes on flatbed trucks.

Nicole Fletcher, area accounts manager, said business is going strong.

“On any given day we have about 40-60 trucks on the road,” she said, noting that the business utilizes dump trucks, flatbeds and tractor-trailers.

“We have been in business over 20 years,” she said, adding that the firm moved from its Powhatan Point location to the new Bridgeport headquarters this summer.

“We moved because we are going and we wanted to be able to have the room to grow and be close to our customer base,” Fletcher said. “We really do service the tri-state area, but we wanted to be in the heart of everything. Powhatan was kind of a long haul. We’re more centralized now, and we service the tri-state area within about 100 miles of Wheeling, W.Va. or so … it gives us the room to grow.”

“It’s a nice Victorian building that gives us lots of space for our office space. We have our billing department here. Everything that goes on behind the scenes reports here. Powhatan was much farther out of the way, much smaller,” she said. “We liked that sense of community here when we moved. All of the surrounding businesses were very welcoming to us, and we were really happy about that.”

Fletcher added that the company serves both private residences and home builders, as well as performing commercial work such as hauling aggregates for the gas and oil industry, contractors and home builders.

“We can basically service anyone,” she said.

“We’re very busy, which is one of the reasons for having to move to a new location. We’re growing. Our fleet is increasing. We’re getting more work. Right now we’re kind of on the cusp of all of the building and things like that, so that is where the rock comes in, and now that we’re getting toward fall and winter, we will really be getting busy with the cinders. We provide those to townships and villages, state roads, they all use our cinders.”

Fletcher said the business is known for 24-hour service

“That’s something that is very appealing for companies and individuals,” she said. “We are known to really take care of our customers and bend over backwards for them. That’s what we’re known for. We’re really excited to bring that legacy into Bridgeport and continue to grow and take care of our customers.”

Belmont Aggregates can be reached at 740-795-4644. The new address is at 894 National Road, Bridgeport.