Classic car business opens in Belmont

T-L Photo/JANELL HUNTER Owners of Belmont Classic Cars, Andy and Dana Mistak, pose beside some of the cars available for purchase in their showroom in Belmont. 2) Andy and Dana Mistak talk about their new business, Belmont Classic Cars, in their showroom office in Belmont. 3) Owner of Belmont Classic Cars, Andy Mistak, shows off a specialty furniture high-top table from Iron Ace Hot Rod Seats that is available for purchase at his new store. 4) The entrance to Belmont Classic Cars features a 1926 Shell Fuel Truck that owners Andy and Dana Mistak obtained from the grandson of the original owner in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. 5) 6) and 7) The showroom at Belmont Classic Cars is fully stocked with restored classic automobiles and is now open to the public.


Times Leader Staff Writer

BELMONT — A new family-owned business has opened near the village of Belmont, fulfilling a long-time dream for owners Andy and Dana Mistak.

Belmont Classic Cars is a showroom filled with fully restored classic cars, furniture, memorabilia and decor for sale, all with a retro style that hearkens back to simpler times. The Mistaks, both Union Local High School graduates, see their store as a gathering place for the community as well as a place to sell classic automobiles.

Located at 41834 Stenger Road, the shop’s hours of operation are noon to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and 2-7 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays. They have hosted school field trips and will take appointments.

“I have been going to car shows, auctions and cruise-ins for many ,many years. I basically wanted to bring something local for people to come and reminisce about cars they used to have, and to share a little bit of history with their kids and grandkids, and hopefully they will walk out with one,” Andy Mistak said. “I just wanted to bring something different to the community that they could share and have a little fun.”

The store has been open since mid-October, and the new business has averaged the sale of one car per week since its opening. The store is only open on a limited schedule because the Mistaks are both employed at full-time jobs, in addition to running their cattle farm.

“A little farther down the road we plan on investing all our time in our car and cattle businesses,” Andy Mistak said. “It’s a challenge, but being that I enjoy it, it’s not work.”

The Mistaks three sons who have helped their parents with the new classic car dealership, making it a true family venture. Their oldest son, Drew, lives in Pittsburgh and designed the company’s website. Devin, the Mistak’s middle son, is in college in Lima, Ohio, and produced a video for promoting the company. Their youngest son, Trey, a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, takes care of the Facebook page and all other social media.

The Mistaks plan on adding more showroom floor space and including an area for car detailing service for everyday car owners starting in the spring of 2018. They also plan on hosting monthly cruise-ins beginning in spring and running through the summer months.

“Our goal there is to have the proceeds raised from the cruise-ins donated to local fire departments, police departments, military organizations and first responders,” Andy Mistak said. “The second hope is to get to where we can possibly raffle off a superior classic car through a year’s worth of tickets and then donate all that back. I can tell you I am not doing this for the money, I am doing this for the love of cars and to give back to the community.”

Mistak travels across the country year-round on his time off to attend auctions to look at cars.

“I probably look at a couple thousand a year,” he said. “You put more effort into things that are your own. We’re not going to be a gigantic dealership, but we will be going to different places and take cars to the upscale auctions. I go to every Barrett-Jackson auction. I don’t buy anything that I wouldn’t put in my own collection. I don’t buy junk.”

Mistak’s true passion is collecting Corvettes, so he deems his collection as being “a little off-balance” in favor of Chevrolet, although he plans to balance out his stock with more Mopar and Ford vehicles, as well as some exotic cars.

Mistak said he prices his cars under what he thinks they will bring at auction because it saves him hauling costs, entry fees, sellers fees and other costs associated with selling at an auction if someone buys locally from the store.

“Our prices are fair, and we work with anybody. And some folks don’t want to spend their savings on a classic car, and most banks will not finance you for a car, so our friends at Woodside Credit finance for us. It only takes about 20 minutes to apply. They will finance cars from a year to 12 years, depending on the value of the car, and the interest is hardly anything.”

The Mistaks donated a new soccer field to Union Local High School in 2016, a year after they helped found the soccer team because Trey wanted to play soccer.

“Another thing we have in the back of our mind for up there is we wanted to do a scholarship for the kids on the soccer team who have good grades and make every practice and game,” Andy Mistak said. “We want to reward those who balance their academics and sports.”

The Mistaks plan on donating a digital scoreboard for the field in the future, and they hope to continue to help make improvements in the community and school system as they grow their local businesses.