Medical billing practice opens in St. C.

Photo provided A ribbon-cutting is held at NXMD, a medical billing firm offering services to practitioners in the Ohio Valley. Pictured from front left are Brian Schambach and Mike Smith, owners, with Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas and Charlene Moffo of Mark H. Kennedy Park. In the back row are, from left, Commissioners J.P. Dutton and Josh Meyer; Carol Barlow, a member of the St. Clairsville Area Chamber of Commerce; Pam Rine, chamber of commerce staff; and A.J. Smith representing Hull & Associates.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – NXMD, which stands for Next in Medical Billing, is providing medical billing services for medical practitioners in the Ohio Valley.

“We do medical billing for private practice physicians,” Brian Schambach, co-owner and head of marketing, said. “We have the latest software for the billings.”

He added that the firm has experienced personnel and offers extensive services.

“We’ve bundled in handling a lot of their payroll taxes, business taxes and personal taxes within the medical billing as well. If they use us for medical billing, we offer that at no charge,” Schambach said.

Mike Smith, co-owner and accounting representative, said this is a welcome service that is needed among practitioners.

“Hospitals usually have their own internal medical billing companies, but private practice, they have to have somebody do that for them,” Smith said.

“Most of the medical billing places in the area do not bundle the services like we do,” Schambach said, adding that practitioners who do their medical billing in-house often see issues with collections and timeliness.

“We offer all the additional services,” Schambach said. “The complete financial end of things is handled by us if they choose to. … Most doctors are busy enough in their own private practices.”

Smith added that NXMD prides itself on a high level of service and attention.

“Mike has seen a need for it for several years. We talked a year ago and we finally kicked it off,” Schambach said.

Smith brings an accounting background to the business as a certified public accountant. Schambach has 40 years of experience in sales and marketing and currently serves as president of Blue Chem Chemicals. He is also the director of the LeeAnn Foundation, which provides funds to needy cancer patients.

The business has sent out word of its services to doctors throughout the Ohio Valley. The owners are considering taking on more staff and acquiring other medical billing businesses to provide added attention along with growth.

“We want to try to give one-on-one personal service,” Schambach said.

The business is located at 100 W. Main St. in St. Clairsville and is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. It can be reached by phone or fax at 740-449-2988.