Agile Networks is Connecting Broadband Customers in Belmont County, Ohio

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Agile Networks has completed Phase 1 of its broadband network.

This project within Belmont County will increase the availability of high-speed internet services to Residents and businesses within the community, while expanding upon the significant investments that Agile has made to communications infrastructure throughout Ohio.

Agile connected its first Belmont County residential user, Robert Banyas of Flushing, on March 9. Banyas did not have an adequate broadband option at his residence prior to the agreement between Agile and the county. For the Banyas family, Agile’s arrival in the county was very timely, as Robert’s wife, Jessica, was transitioning to a work-from-home program, as required by her employer, at the end of March.

A major component of Jessica’s ability to participate in this program is access to a reliable high-speed internet connection. With Agile’s connectivity now in place, not only will she be able to continue her role with her current employer, but she will also be able to spend more time at home and forego the three-hour round-trip commute that she’d become accustomed to over the past five years.

“Agile’s service has been great,” said Robert Banyas. “Not only did it save my wife’s job, but it’s nice to be able to stream and browse without having to worry about overage charges.”

Agile encourages Belmont County residents to visit its county web page,, where residents can request service as well learn about Agile’s roll-out schedule and internet service offerings.

This project is a result of an October 2017 agreement between Agile Networks and Belmont County that enabled Agile, a premier provider of hybrid fiber wireless broadband data networks, access to county-owned infrastructure. Kyle Quillen, CEO of Agile, states, “It allows county-owned infrastructure to be leveraged and allows broadband and telecommunications services to cost effectively come to the underserved county.”

“We are pleased with Agile’s progress within Belmont County and very elated that the first customer is signed up it. For the past year or so, the commissioners have been determined to work with the private sector providers to secure faster and cheaper internet throughout the county. We are pleased with Agile’s cooperation and efficiency and look forward to it connecting with more residential and commercial subscribers.” said Commissioner Mark Thomas.

“It’s exciting to see the progress that Agile has made in the county and that it is starting to have the positive impact in people’s lives that we were hoping to see,” added Commissioner Josh Meyer.

“With continued discussion across the country in regards to increasing broadband access, particularly in Appalachia, this recent announcement from Agile Networks is proof of positive steps being made locally. Belmont County is a proud partner knowing the impact that increased access can mean to our residents. These types of improvements will lead to more opportunities, especially for our students who are competing with youth nationally and globally. As a local government, we continue to search for ways to enhance development,” said Commission President J. P. Dutton.

For additional information, contact Belmont @agilenetwor