Pizza Milano moving to new and bigger digs

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Travelers on U.S. 40 may notice a rehabilitation project on Main Street in the city, with a tarp and scaffolding covering a building while the work is being done. This marks the new site of Pizza Milano, which plans to offer more space and a dining area along with its established pick-up and delivery services.

Since opening its doors near the corner of Main and Marietta streets in 2013, Pizza Milano has been serving a selection of Italian foods for carryout or delivery. Now plans are in the works to expand to a larger location just down the street. The new site at 147 E. Main St. also has historical significance. Business owner Engin Guler said he was motivated to further invest in the area.

“I was renting the (current) building,” he said, adding that he purchased the new location. “I bought the building. We’ll have a big restaurant downstairs and a customer parking lot. … I don’t have a dining room (in the current building). We’re just a pick-up and carryout, pick-up and delivery.”

He said the new location will have a dining room that will hold 20 to 30 people when complete. The restaurant will also boast exterior seating.

“There’ll be a couple of TVs. Families can come, sit down and watch the TVs or games and order their pizza. They can park their cars on our personal parking lot on the side of the building,” he said. “It’s going to be excellent.”

Guler added that the people of the area have been very welcoming.

“St. Clairsville’s given us so much good business, and I just want to be in St. Clairsville,” Guler said. “I didn’t want to rent a building. I wanted to own the property and serve the St. Clairsville people.”

He added that he intends to restore the building’s exterior to its period appearance.

“The front and the side facade has to look like it’s from the 1800s,” he said. “We’re working on the facade right now. … Trying to bring it back to life.”

Guler said he is unable to give a timeline for the opening of the new location, adding that he is working with electrical contractors, the Belmont County Health Department and historical authorities at the state level.

“We’re working on the plan still,” Guler said. “We’re just getting approved.”