Flushing to lose funding

FLUSHING will lose around $1,900 in local government funding, according to a report given by Clerk-Treasurer Jeryl McGaffick at village council’s September meeting.

The expected loss was noted at a recent hearing on the village budget.

McGaffick also reported the financial report for September will show a significant increase in revenue. She requested that $3,000 be t0ransferred from the sewer fund to the Public Employees Retirement System fund, and this was approved by council.

The clerk-treasurer also talked about a 26 percent in health insurance costs. Village officials are awaiting quotes from other companies. She was given approval to pay the insurance for a two-month period.

Council granted permission for McGaffick to take continuing education for fiscal officers. This is one-day training and involves an overnight stay.

In other matters, Mayor Barbara Bashline reported several persons have asked about the possibility of a weight limit on the old Cadiz Road. It was noted in a discussion that weight limits were imposed on some streets in 2007, but not on that road.

Council asked Solicitor Ed Sustersic to draw up an ordinance imposing a weight limit on that road. Bashline asked Village Administrator Rusty Taylor to provide some details about the road for the solicitor.

Taylor reported during the last month, potholes have been patched around the village, the bad water meter was changed and painting had been done at parking spaces. He also said the village had worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation in regard to grinding and paving bad spots on Main Street (Ohio 331) through the village.

It was noted Hamilton Surveying has reviewed the sole bid for a water and sewer project discussed previously. The surveying firm gave a recommendation about the bid, but no action was taken.

Council was in executive session on water and sewer matters in regard to outside lines.

The Belmont County Raceway Park’s request about dumping sewage into the village’s sanitary sewer system was discussed, and officials wanted more information.

Sustersic is to contact the Environmental Protection Agency concerning the request. Officials indicated they also want to figure out a rate and how entry would be made to the village’s plant before proceeding.

The track owner has told officials that he wants racing to be on Sundays so there will be no conflict with other tracks.

Councilman Dan Farmer asked about getting quotations for a new cruiser for next year, and council was agreeable in this matter.

A motion on a resolution authorizing Richard Rushton to write grant applications for the village was approved.