Monroe County Fair releases results

Officials from the Monroe?Country Fair are happy to release the results from this year’s fair. The competition was stiff and the participants should be proud of their accomplishments.

Parade Results: Best Junior Fair Theme: Hilltop Swiss Lads & Lassies; Funniest Float: County Liners; High School Band Participation: Beallsville High School; Most Original Junior Fair Float: Cross County Classics; Best Walking Unit: Cross County Classics Cloverbuds; Best Truck: Dale Caldwell; Best Horse Unit: Horse Whisperers; Best Emergency Vehicle: Monroe County EMS.

4-H Booth Results: 1st, County Liner; 2nd, Horse Whisperers; 3rd, Top Dogs; 4th, Blue Ribbon Specialists; 5th, Buckeye Kids; 6th, Miltonsburg Buck-A-Roos; 7th, Hilltop Swiss Lads & Lassies; 8th, Wild & Crazy Kids; 9th, Cross County Classics; 10th, Bits & Pieces.

Additional Participants: Farm Friends, Backyard Friends, Skyriders, Blue Jean Guys & Gals, Bethel Country Kids, Jolly Ranchers, Jolly Jacks & Jills, The M.O.B. Squad, The Country Kids, Monroe Trail Blazers, Show Pros, Riverfront Wranglers.

Best Display of 4-H Values: County Liners, Best Member Recognition: Horse Whisperers, Clovers on Parade: Most Creative: Cross County Classics, Clover on Parade: Best 4-H Theme, Farm Friends; Clovers on Parade: Funniest, Buckeye Kids.

Junior Fair Dairy

Showmanship – 1st place Dairy Jr., Nerissa Smith; 1st place Dairy Senior, Chad Louden; 1st place County: Nerissa Smith; 2nd place, County: Chad Louden

Breeding Show: Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Holstein: Nerissa Smith; Grand Champion Jersey: Martha Koehler.

Junior Fair Beef Breeding – Grand Champion Shorthorn: Amy Swallow; Reserve Champion Shorthorn: Abby Swallow; Grand Champion Maine Anjou: Eric Ward; Grand Champion Angus: Taylor Zink; Grand Champion Crossbred: Nathan Ward; Reserve Champion Crossbred: Ryan Richter; Grand Champion Overall Heifer: Amy Swallow and Reserve Champion Overall Heifer: Abby Swallow.

Junior Fair Market Livestock Show: Grand Champion Feeder Calf Heifer: Amy Swallow; Reserve Champion: Tate Christman; Grand Champion Feeder Calf Steer: Kayla Logston; Reserve Champion: Ciara Smith; Grand Champion Market Steer: Kordell Antill; Reserve, Amy Swallow; Highest Rate of Gain Steer: Amy Swallow; Grand Champion Dairy Feeder: Jimmy Stimpert; Reserve Champion, Joshua Stewart.

Junior Fair Rabbit Results: Showmanship: 1st place, Sr. Rabbit: Hogan Hamilton; 2nd place, Sr. Rabbit: Paige Lohrey; 1st place Intermediate, Amy Zimmer; 2nd place Int. Rabbit: Richelle Ricer; 1st place, Jr. Rabbit: Shelby Wilson; 2nd place, Jr. Rabbit: Katelyn Dimmerling; 1st place, County Rabbit: Nicole Gallagher; 2nd place County Rabbit: Mallory Michener.

Breeding Classes: Grand Champion Overall Doe: Paige Lohrey; Reserve Champion: Shelby Wilson; Grand Champion Overall Buck: Paige Lohrey; Reserve Champion, Brandi Palmer; Grand Champion Doe & Litter: Caitlin Brown; Reserve Champion Doe & Litter: Amy Zimmer; Best of Show Rabbits: Paige Lohrey.

Junior Fair Beef & Dairy Feeder Showmanship

Beef Showmanship: 1st place Beef Sr.: Nicole Huffman; 2nd place Beef Sr.:Hannah Hartshorn; 1st place Beef Int.: Kordell Antill; 2nd place Beef Int.: Ciara Smith; 1st place Beef Jr., Ryan Smith; 2nd place Beef Jr.: Cody Ward; 1st place County Beef: Amy Swallow; 2nd place County Beef: Kordell Antill.

Dairy Feeder Showmanship: 1st place Dairy Feeder Sr., Alex Smithberger; 2nd place, Kurt Zimmer: 1st place Dairy Feeder Int.: Kelsey Parks; 2nd place, Cameron Stimpert: 1st place Dairy Feeder Jr.: Tyler Zimmer; 2nd place, Joshua Stewart; 1st place, Cty. Dairy Feeder: Alex Smithberger; 2nd place Cty. Dairy Feeder, Lesley Landefeld.

Junior Fair Swine Showmanship: 1st place Swine Senior: Hillary Wilson; 2nd place Swine Senior: Ryan Kuhn; 1st place, Swine Int: Evan Blackstone; 2nd place Swine Int: Tanya Altizer; 1st place Swine Jr.: Caitlyne Arden; 2nd place Jr.: Madison Huffman; 1st place Cty. Swine: Hillary Wilson; 2nd place Cty. Swine: Evan Blackstone.

Market Hog Show: Grand Champion Market Hog: Stephanie Brown; Reserve Champion Market Hog: Jacob Williams.

Junior Fair Poultry Show: Showmanship 1st place Poultry Sr.: Ashlyn Grose; 2nd place, Sr., Shea Groves; 1st place Jr.: Tabby Truax; 2nd place Jr.: Magdalena Morrow; 1st place Cty Poultry: Ashlyn Grose; 2nd place Cty. Poultry: Cara McBurney.

Breeding Classes: Grand Champion Overall Poultry: Ashlyn Grose; Reserve Champion, Taylor Shriver.

Market Fryer Show: Grand Champion Market Fryers: Shea Groves; Reserve Champion: Cammie Groves.

Junior Fair Goat Show: Showmanship: 1st place Goat Sr.: Tracy Eikleberry; 2nd place Goat Sr.: Eve Lindamood; 1st place Int. Goat: Trisha Eikleberry; 2nd place Int. Goat: Garth Richter; 1st place Goat Jr.: Brittany Hooper; 2nd place Goat Jr.: Morgan Marley; 1st place, Cty. Goat: Tracy Richter; 2nd place Cty. Goat: Caleb Westfall.

Market Goat Show: Grand Champion: Jerrad Hamilton; Reserve Champion: Caleb Westfall.

Breeding Classes: Grand Champion Meat Doe: Caleb Westfall; Reserve Champion: Garth Richter; Grand Champion Pgymy Goat: Maria Morrow.

Junior Fair Sheep Show: Showmanship, 1st place, Sheep Sr.: Kim Lafferre; 2nd place, Sr.: Tiffany Armstrong; 1st place, Jr.: Jared Taylor; 2nd place Jr.: Justin Kilburn; 1st place Cty: Caleb Westfall; 2nd place Cty: Keenan Hamilton.

Market Lamb Show: Grand Champion: Jared Taylor; Reserve Champion: Jacob Kreider.

Sheep Breeding Class: Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Ewe: Corey McBurney.

Junior Fair Saddle Horse Show Results: Production, Weanling Foal: 1st place, Joey Littleton.

All Equine Showmanship

Beginners: 1st place, Macy Brown; 2nd place: Katie Zehnder; 3rd place: Katheryn Kinney; 4th place: Brianne Gallagher; 5th place: Elizabeth Frontz. (Age 9-11): 1st place: Zach Skinner; 2nd place: Christa Russell; 3rd place:Macy Brown; 4th place: Brandon Rubel; 5th place: Seonna Kernen. ( Age 12-14): 1st place: Katie Zehnder; 2nd place: Ashlyn Grose; 3rd place: Maegan Atkinson; 4th place: Katheryn Kinney; 5th place: Brianna Tavoletti; (Age 15-18): 1st place: Amber Baumberger; 2nd place: Kim Christman; 3rd place: Savannah Wilson; 4th place: Jaymi Smith; 5th place: Ariel Drum.

County Showmanship: (Beginners Winner): Macy Brown; (9-11) winner: Zach Skinner; (12-14) winner: Katie Zehnder; (15-18) winner: Amber Baumberger; 1st place Cty Champion: Amber Baumberger; 2nd place Cty Champion: Zachary Skinner.

Horsemanship: (Beginner) 1st place: Sarah Frontz; 2nd place: Brianne Gallagher; 3rd place: Elizabeth Frontz; (age 9-11): 1st place, Seonna Kernen; 2nd place: Brandon Rubel; 3rd place: Brianne Gallagher; 4th place: Christa Russell; (Age 12-14): 1st place: Ashley Davidson; 2nd Place: Ashlyn Grose; 3rd place, Brianne Gallagher; 4th Place: Christa Russell. (Age 15-18): 1st place: Savannah Wilson; 2nd place: Ashley Weber; 3rd place: Haleigh Ackerman; 4th place: Cara McBurney; 5th place: Melissa Matjunas.

Horsemanship Champion: (Beginners Winner): Sarah Frontz; (9-11) Winner: Seonna Kernen; (12-14) Winner: Ashley Davidson; (15-18) Winner: Savannah Wilson; County Horsemanship Champion: Ashley Davidson.

Trail Class: (Ages 9-11) 1st place: Brandon Rubel; Second place: Seonna Kernen; (Ages 12-14): 1st place: Katie Zehnder; 2nd Place – Ashley Davidson; (Ages 15-18) 1st place: Haleigh Ackerman; 2nd place: Kim Christman; 3rd place: Ariel Drum; 4th place: Melissa Matjunas; 5th place: Ashley Weber.

Heat Seat Equitation Over Fences (Ages 9-18): 1st place: Ariel Drum; 2nd place: Katie Zehnder.

Heat Seat Equitation – (Ages 9-18): 1st place: Katie Zehnder.

Gaited Equitation – (Ages 9-18): 1st place: Cara McBurney; 2nd place: Ashley Davidson

Cones & Barrels (Age 9-11) 1st place: Seonna Kernen; (Age 12-14) 1st place: Ashlyn Grose; 2nd place: Anna Jones; (Age 15-18) 1st place: Ashley Weber; 2nd place: Brittany Weber; 3rd place: Ariel Drum; 4th place: Haleigh Ackerman.

Pole Bend: (Age 9-11) 1st place: Seonna Kernen; 2nd place: Brandon Ruble; (Age 12-14) 1st place: Anna Jones; 2nd place: Ashlyn Grose; (Age 15-18) 1st place: Brittany Weber; 2nd place: Ashley Weber; 3rd place: Ariel Drum; 4th place: Emily Griffith.

Barrels: (Age 9-11) 1st place: Seonna Kernen; 2nd place: Brandon Rubel; (Age 12-14) 1st place: Brianna Tavoletti; 2nd place: Ashlyn Grose; 3rd place: Anna Jones; 4th place: Katheryn Kinney. (Age 15-18) 1st place: Ashley Weber; 2nd place: Emily Griffith; 3rd place: Kayla Kernen; 4th place: Haleigh Ackerman.

Speed & Control (Age 9-11) 1st place: Seonna Kernen; 2nd place: Brandon Ruble; (Age 12-14) 1st place: Ashlyn Grose; (Age 15-18) 1st place: Ariel Drum; 2nd place: Brittany Weber; Third Place: Haleigh Ackerman; 4th place: Kayla Kernen; 5th place – not listed.

Greased Pig Contest (Ages 8-12): 1st place: Jarrett Armann; (Ages 13 – up): 1st place: Sammy Myers.

Market Lambs

Grand Champion: Jared Taylor, $9.00/lb., Bud Rousenburg & People’s Savings Bank of New Mat.; Reserve Champion: Jacob Kreider, $8.00/lb. Judge Julie & Daniel Selmon.

Market Fryers

Grand Champion: Shea Groves, $1,500, KFC/Taco Bell of Woodsfield; Reserve Champion: Cammie Groves, $700, Bunting Concessions.

Market Goats

Grand Champion: Jerrar Hamilton, $1,500, Profit Energy Co.; Reserve Champion: Caleb Westfall, $950, Judge Julie & Daniel Selmon.

***Roger Claus raised all Goats to $200***

Market Rabbits

Grand Champion: Kamie Majors, $1,000, Woodsfield Family Care; Reserve Champion: Dylan Hamilton, $450, F. W. Schumacher Insurance.

***Monroe County Republican Party raised all pens to $200***

Market Steers

Grand Champion: Kordell Antill, $2.50/lb., Barnesville Livestock; Reserve Champion: Amy Swallow, $2.25/lb., Howell’s Oil & Gas.

Dairy Feeders

Grand Champion: Jimmy Stimpert, $4.15/lb., Gary A. Rubel, Inc.; Reserve Champion: Joshua Stewart, $3.75/lb., Ormet.

Market Hogs

Grand Champion: Stephanie Brown, $6.25/lb., Modern Hardware; Reserve Champion: Jacob Williams, $4.35/lb., Shelly & Sands.

Market Calf Heifers

Grand Champion: Amy Swallow, $3.75/lb., Sutherland Valley Farms; Reserve Champion: Tate Christman, $2.30/lb., Maury Equipment.

Market Calf Steers

Grand Champion: Kayla Logston, $4.00/lb., Lewisville Hardware; Reserve Champion: Ciara Smith, $3.70/lb., Ormet.

Total Sales for 2008 is $231,945.55

4-H Dog Show Results

Dog Showmanship: 1st place: Amy Swallow; 2nd place: Kayla Ruble

Grand Champion: Amy Swallow; Reserve Champion: Kayla Ruble

Dog Obedience Training – Sub Novice A: 1st place: Jacklynn Christman

Dog Obedience Training – Sub Novice B: 1st place: Paige Lohrey; 2nd place: Jacob Kreider.

Grand Champion: Paige Lohrey; Reserve Champion: Jacob Kreider