Science programs offered to students

Engaging people to strengthen their lives and communities through research-based educational programming is the mission of The Ohio State University Extension. One of the ways we hope to meet our mission is by offering the Science Alive in the Classroom 4-H School Enrichment Programs. Guided by Ohio State University Extension personnel, students in the programs learn difficult science concepts through a variety of hand-on activities. The programs are designed to enhance existing classroom science units and each is targeted to meet selected science proficiency goals identified in Ohio’s Academic Content Standards.

The programs are available to teachers in Belmont County’s public and private schools and are recommended for grades 3 through 6. There is a $10 cost recovery fee per classroom per school year and covers all programs. The programs include a curriculum guide as well as a supply kit. Programs include Rockets Away, Beans about Water, The Incredible Egg, Fishy Science, GO Plants, Weather Together, and Breads of the Harvest.

Breads of the Harvest is currently being offered to third grade teachers. The program explores the science, nutrition and history of bread making since the Pilgrims. At the conclusion of the program, students are supplied with the ingredients to make their own loaf of bread in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

For more information on the Science Alive in the Classroom series, contact Susan West at 740-695-1455 or visit us on the web at