St. C. schools seeking input

THE ST. CLAIRSVILLE-Richland City School District is seeking public input for the use of federal dollars in the Title I, Title IIA, Title IID, Title IV and Title V federal funds for the fiscal year 2009. Title I is utilized to provide intervention for elementary students in the areas of reading, mathematics and for professional development. Title IIA is utilized to improve teacher quality and to provide for the district’s teacher mentoring program. Title IID supports technology needs in the district and for associated professional development. Title IV is designated for safe and drug free schools. Title V is utilized for innovative programs and helps to support Destination Imagination and the Middle School Study Table. Any suggestions or questions that the public has regarding the expenditures of these funds are welcome and may be directed by phone to Chris Graham at 740-699-2119 or by mail at 108 Woodrow Avenue, St. Clairsville.

Also, the district does have a Board of Education adopted policy regarding parent involvement and parent participation within the Title I Program.

To that regard, if any parent and/or community member wishes to have a copy of the policy and/or to make suggestions regarding the parent participation policy, please contact Chris Graham by phone at 740-699-2219 or by mail at 108 Woodrow Avenue, St. Clairsville.

Parent and community members also need to be aware of the website that is available through the Ohio Department of Education. To access this website, log on to and search under “Parent Information and Resource Center.”

If you have questions regarding this website, please feel free to contact Chris Graham. St. Clairsville’s school personnel strive to make program improvements yearly.