TAPP team prepares students for new year

Bridgeport High School and Middle School students celebrated a back to school program titled “What Not to Wear” and “How Not to Behave.” This program was produced by the high school TAPP team advised by Mary Ann Hall, Belmont County Student Service Counselor serving grades 5-12. TAPP, Teens Applying Positive Pressure, promotes healthy lifestyles and positive decision making.

A style show featured group members promoting the student dress code in a comical “What Not to Wear” performance. The program also promoted positive behavior and showed “How Not to Behave” at school.

Seventh grade student Kellie McDonald reported that she really liked the program. She also said that it was very funny and would help her follow the dress code. Several other students reported that the dress code skits definitely showed them what not to wear to school. “I loved it, I think that they did an excellent job.” Bridgeport Principal Rob Zitlesburger said, “It was a marvelous program.”

The “How Not to Behave” program displayed positive behavior to the students. The skits addressed the rules regarding the use of cell phones, classroom behavior, bullying, smoking, stealing, dress code, and many other rules and regulations that are addressed in the student handbook. TAPP team members hope that from this program.